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  • Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe

    Sad Songs... is an powerful performance about crime, love and the possibility of mercy. The monologue play is based on Dostoyevsky's classic "Crime and Punishment", only this time the point of view is the one of Sonja's....

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  • Phosphor-Tinted Scoudrel (Fosforinhohtoinen lurjus)

    What happens to the actors who don’t make it big? How does a small human being cope with the ever-quickening pulse of the modern society? Eero Kilpi (1882-1954) was a character actor at the Finnish National Theatre fo...

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  • Super B

    “SUPER B” is not about presenting or representing these remains. And it is not about taking the audience on a museum tour. OBLIVIA look at the leftovers of theatre not with child-like curiosity, but with a sneaky wink in...

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  • [heresy]

    [heresy] is the latest production of Finnish circus company Sirkus Supiainen and it is directed by juggler / Master of Arts (theatre and drama) Samuli Männistö. By it’s name the performance [heresy] is a research o...

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  • Playing the Queen

    Playing the Queen is a play on women who have to give up the woman in them, in one way or another. In the play we meet three women: a member of parliament who wants to be a minister (Viiva-Liisa), a former Olympic go...

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  • traFika

    TraFika is a rhythmical visual theatre performance, that presents a new theatrical language on the border between comics, sign language and silent film’s slapstick. It is an intimate performance dealing with seeing, erot...

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  • All Matters - No Escape

    All Matters - No Escape is a political dance theatre performance that combines breakdancing, contemporary dance, video art and rapping. The performance is about structural and economical violence, exploitation and wars. ...

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  • The Invisible Stage

    This is like an impalpable Russian matryoska without dolls. This is a performance and a lecture. It questions basic aspects of theatre, focusing especially on observation and division....

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  • Wall to Wall

    Wall to Wall is an intimate performance dealing with seeing, erotics and power. This sensitizing performance allows its themes to exist in a gentle, theatrical game that the performers create between themselves and the a...

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  • Golem Variations

    Golem Variations is a performance about creation: its matter, technique and the experience of being created. It is based on the old Jewish mystic belief according to which a person steeped in God’s creativity can acquire...

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  • 3D - Dirty, DIfficult and Dangerous

    Rex de Chef is a popular celebrity chef who is in his element in the kitchen: he serves cross-kitchen food in a way never seen before. Chef conjures up top-notch Tantrawok, traditional Hungarian dish “Pörköltti”, and Roy...

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  • Conte d'Amour

    “Even the darkest of fairy tales remains a love story if all the characters in it yearn for love” (In the case of Natascha Kampusch by Rainer Just) In 2011 CONTE d'AMOUR has been invited to Gennevilliers TJCC-festival...

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  • Ode to Love (Oodi rakkaudelle)

    ODE TO LOVE won the 1st prize at Thespis Monodrama festival, Kiel, Germany, 2010 and the 3rd prize at Monobaltija festival, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2010. "In this show, heavy rock, reggae and poetry intertwine..." ...

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  • Sleeping is for the Dead (Kuolema korjaa univelat)

    "Mom loves you all more than anything!" SLEEPING IS FOR THE DEAD is a tragicomedy of a mom who is needed by her three little children and her husband day and night and never sleeps....

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  • Entertainment Island 1,2,3 - A Trilogy

    "Entertainment Island, a unique performance language between minimalism and step dance, composition and comedy. A true discovery is hidden in Helsinki, but luckily it will tour in Europe in 2011." Esther Boldt, Nachtkri...

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