Touring Performances

  • Death at Work (Kuolema työssä)

    Death at Work is a stage performance mixing two distinct rituals: a funeral and a theatre piece. Its performers are individuals working with death, such as a gravedigger, a priest, a cantor and a funeral home worker. Ins...

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  • Nature Theatre of Oblivia

    Nature Theatre of Oblivia is a live performance and an augmented reality (AR) work, which is part of the and co-produced by the TECHNE project at Theater Rampe and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in Germany....

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  • Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen - Björkmusen och näbbmusen

    ”A lovestory that charms line by line” The Birchmouse and the Shrew is a visually charming childrens performance. The play combines drawing and storytelling in an unique way. ...

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  • Arctic Odyssey

    Arctic Odyssey offers a unique journey through the landscapes of Greenland’s ice sheet, Siberia’s taiga and the northern fjelds inhabited by the Sámi people. ...

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  • Elämä (Life)

    Elämä (Finnish for “life”) is a multidisciplinary performance combining Documentary film, Dance theatre and Video art. Its main theme is elderliness. During the artistic process the team co-operated with nur...

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  • Internalized Theories of Love

    Internalized Theories of Love is an intense, atmospheric and compelling drama with incisive comic insights probing the challenging mysteries of the possibility and impossibility of love. On the face of it, the modern rel...

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  • Missing Amelia Earhart

    Missing Amelia Earhart is an airy, dreamy and somewhat humoristic puppet play of a lost pilot. It draws a blurred portrait of yesterday’s hero and her today’s lookalike, Merja Pöyhönen. Made of courage and dr...

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  • Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge is visual stage magic and physical theatre performance for three performers. The visual inspiration for the show are the historical paintings, images and myths about decapitations....

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  • Porosafari / Reindeer Safari

    Reindeer Safari is a collective wayfaring performance in three phases: I Reindeer Introduction: an instructional lecture about reindeer and their way of living II Reindeer Safari: the wayfaring of several hours in semi...

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  • Humanoidihypoteesi / Humanoid Hypothesis

    Humanoids are extraterrestrial beings, which resemble human beings but are evolutionarily much further developed than them. Humanoid Hypothesis is a participatory performance project by Other Spaces -collective, whose ai...

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  • Play Rape (PR)

    Play Rape is a 70 minute declaration of an angry woman, an icy monologue about the problematics of rape scenes in the theatre of 21st century Finland. Actor, playwright and director Anna Paavilainen got fed up with submi...

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  • Executed Stories

    Executed Stories is a lecture performance, where the lecturer tells life stories of executioners and executed people, and demonstrates execution methods. Tone of the performance is neutral and factual, with a touch of hu...

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  • Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe

    Sad Songs... is an powerful performance about crime, love and the possibility of mercy. The monologue play is based on Dostoyevsky's classic "Crime and Punishment", only this time the point of view is the one of Sonja's....

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  • Phosphor-Tinted ScouNdrel

    What happens to the actors who don’t make it big? How does a small human being cope with the ever-quickening pulse of the modern society? Eero Kilpi (1882-1954) was a character actor at the Finnish National Theatre fo...

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  • [heresy]

    [heresy] is the latest production of Finnish circus company Sirkus Supiainen and it is directed by juggler / Master of Arts (theatre and drama) Samuli Männistö. By it’s name the performance [heresy] is a research o...

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