TIP Fest 2021

Turku International Puppetry Festival

Turku International Puppetry Festival is held 3 to 7 November 2021
This year Aura of Puppets gathers all puppet art professionals together to join the 12th edition of TIP-Fest. This time the festival focuses on sound, music and rhythm on stage.

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Tickets are sold from Aura of Puppets Holvi web Shop: https://holvi.com/shop/AuraofPuppets/section/tip-fest-2021/ for Sopukka stage tickets are sold directly from Turku city theatre: https://teatteri.turku.fi/en

Music and sound design are strong means in creating affection on stage. They build and strengthen the performance’s atmosphere, affecting our feelings instantly. When we hear music, our bodies and mind synchronize with it. In performances without words, the emphasis of rhythm, sound and music is further enforced. Music and soundscapes create an on-stage language, intertwining in a dialogue between events and the scenographic visuality.

Music, sound and Rhythm are present in many ways in this year’s festival programme. TIP-Fest invites everyone to dive deep within puppet theatre -keep your ears wide open and take part in discussions concerning music in visual theater, soundscapes and other topics!


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