After. New order. Open call 2021/2023

Enter the ideas competition for the Vaba Lava curator’s programme!
This open ideas competition for the curator’s programme of Vaba Lava’s Tallinn and Narva theatre centres for the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 seasons bears the theme ‘After. New order’. The deadline for entries is 7 March 2021.
The Vaba Lava theatre centre awaits the submission of creative project ideas by independent theatre producers, performance artists and freelance troupes. Projects in the fields of drama, visual art, dance and object theatre are welcome.
Vaba Lava is turning its gaze towards Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, involving experts in and fans of theatre from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. The curator for the next two seasons at Vaba Lava is Norwegian actor and producer Harald T. Rosenstrøm. The ideas selected for the curator’s programme will become original or co-productions of Vaba Lava’s Tallinn and Narva theatre centres, premiering between September 2021 and July 2023. The best new productions are planned to be staged for audiences in other Estonian theatres and outside of Estonia.

Curator’s vision : ‘After. New order’

We don´t know when the pandemic will end, or to what extent it will change us. How will it change the way we understand ourselves and the world around us? How will it change the way we understand theatre and performing arts, and will the audience still need the forms we have today?
‘After. New order’ is designed to emphasise major changes. How do you make a start after life-changing events? What is the new order, and how does it work? About the projects I am looking for projects that are open to exploring both the theme and the world that we live in now, that are open to exploring the changes within people, while at the same time being open to the forms of what theatre is today. How do we interact with the audience? What has changed? The theme is meant to be open, and can emphasise all sorts of major changes in people’s lives. The focus will be Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, but also Including their Nordic neighbour Finland. Projects linking the countries are welcome, but not required.
Harald T. Rosenstrøm (b. 1986) Studied acting at the Moscow Art Theatre school in Russia under Kirill Serebrennikov. Part of the 7 studio. Worked as an actor at the Moscow Art Theatre and Gogolcentre in Russia and at CDN in France. Theatre and film actor in Russia and Norway. Principal of the Theatre School in Solbakken, Norway.

Selection criteria 

Preference will be given to up-and-coming performance artists who submit original ideas that present an artistic challenge and that are most in line with the vision of the curator.
• The theme of the programme is ‘After. New order’.
• It is hope that the competition will attract new ideas and original productions rather than existing guest performances.
• Somewhere in the range of 2-5 production projects will be selected, which must be able to be staged at Vaba Lava’s Tallinn and Narva theatre centres during the period from September 2021 to July 2023.
• The projects for the next two seasons will be chosen by Vaba Lava curator Harald T. Rosenstrøm (Norway) and the Vaba Lava team.
• The productions forming part of the 2021-2023 curator’s programme will be selected in two rounds. Those who make it to the second round will be invited to the Vaba Lava theatre centre to present their ideas in person. The final choice will be made thereafter.
• The results of the competition will be announced in May 2021.

How to apply?

Please send following documents and information to info (a) vabalava.ee with title “OPEN CALL” :
Fill in the applications in Estonian or English  (download application ENG);
Annex 1 – budget (download Annex 1 – budget);
Info about the applicant and team ( if there is team)  (CV,  links to previous works etc.);
Info about possible extra funders and co-producers
The deadline for entries is 7 March 2021.
If You have any questions or need more info please contact Liisa Liksor,  liisa (a) vabalava.ee

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