Awareness Towards Power

Performance Days in Turku

Use data to make an impact!

Awareness towards power - use data to make an impact. How can you capture your audience? Who has the power to decide what you do and what structures form the environment that you act in? How can you make an impact? How can you gain power?

Event for performance art and live art professionals in Turku on 7 October 2019

DATE                  Monday, 7 October 2019 from 9:00 to 20:30

VENUE               Turun virastotalo, Itsenäisyydenaukio 2

The Performance Days event is a place, time and space for all performance and live art professionals to meet, get to know each other and discuss the content and making of art and the structures involved. This year we will focus on power and making an impact through knowledge, and there will also be time for art and bubbly!

The artist of the year of this Performance Days event is Hanna Arvela, with her work Yes, you can!. Hanna Arvela: “I work at the interface of activism and contemporary art, and use humour to raise questions and awareness about society and human behaviour. Normally, the end result takes some kind of a visual form.

We hope that professionals from all areas of performance and live art from all around Finland will come to the event, including artists, groups and organisations. Don’t stay at home. Let’s bring embodiment to knowledge production.

You can register here: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/EventParticipation/EventPublic/82d2bc60-6ff3-4cdf-b168-75ff3c910aaa?displayId=Fin1828878

“Traditionally, performance art has been understood as a genre of art where ‘you don’t need skills in anything’. In fact, performance art is not about not having skills but about using the skills that you already possess.” (Pilvi Porkola)


Most of the programme will be in English but we will offer ways to take part in Finnish and Swedish whenever possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel language might be an issue.

9:00                    Coffee and workshops
We will produce manifests, declarations, proposals, feelings and affects. We will convey bodily knowledge. The outcome will be presented in conjunction with the keynote.
12:00                  Lunch at the Virastotalo (at your own expense)
13:00                  Talk and discussion about performance and live art
 3 x 30 min - discussions by invited artists, researchers and cultural policy experts
 13:00                  Pilvi Porkola, Paula Karhunen and Riitta Heinämaa (this session will be in Finnish)
 13:40                 Leena Kela, Tuomas Laitinen and Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen
14:20                  Lauri Mattila, inaway, Sasha Huber
15:00                  Coffee
15:30                  Keynote Antti Majava, artist and author, founding member of the BIOS research unit and the Mustarinda Association.
16:30                  Manifests/Declarations/Proposals/Movements/Feelings – outcomes of the workshops
17:00                  Dinner (at your own expense)
19:00                  Bubbly and socialising

A collaboration between Theatre Info Finland TINFO and Arts Promotion Centre Finland Taike.


Further information:
Marika Räty, regional artist and coordinator of live and performance art, Arts Promotion Centre Finland marika.raty(at)taike.fi, +358 29 5330824

Hanna Helavuori, Director, Theatre Info Finland (TINFO), hanna(at)tinfo.fi, tel. +358 44 363 1722


In the photo: Hanna Arvela's work Yes, You can! Photo credit, Kristian Jalava