Caisa Open Call

Caisa’s Open Call


Cultural Centre Caisa’s main task is to promote diversity and inclusion in Helsinki through art and culture. We carry out this task, for example, by improving physical and mental accessibility and by highlighting underrepresented groups. We are looking for productions that are professional, original and support our values. We pay attention to current topics, relevance, inclusiveness and multilingualism. 

For the Spring of 2025 we are looking for performing arts premieres and reruns, exhibitions, series (e.g. concerts, films), festivals and concerts.  

We are not seeking international visiting productions with this call. 

Application time:     
3.6.2024 from 9.00 am until 4.8.2024 23.59 pm 

Apply to Caisa's program for the spring season 2025 from this link

Read the FAQ on Caisa's Open Call search (pdf)

What we offer:    

All productions selected for Caisa's program will be provided with facilities, technical equipment and technical personnel upon separate agreement. We expect performing arts productions to have their own sound and/or light design. One of Caisa’s producers will be assigned to each production, who will be responsible for managing this production for the house. Fees and other costs are negotiated with each production separately before the contract is signed. 

In terms of communications, all productions under Caisa’s program will be featured on the Caisa’s website, with more specific measures being negotiated with our sector’s communications service. We also require our production partner to invest in communication and marketing.  
You can visit Caisa's premises and get acquainted with our technical equipment in advance on our website.

Virtual tour of Caisa's premises

Caisa's technical equipment

Possible forms of cooperation: 

Listed below are two different forms of cooperation. Think about which of them would suit your production best. The final form of cooperation will be negotiated before the agreement is finalized.

a) The production needs a venue and technical equipment, in which case performance fees are covered in other ways, e.g. with a grant, etc.   
b) Caisa pays a fixed sales price for the production (we cannot cover, for example, all the production costs of a performance or exhibition)   

If the production involves ticket sales, the income sharing will be negotiated separately. Caisa also does not award grants, since the City of Helsinki's Unit of Partnerships, Grants and Projects is responsible for it.  

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