Creative Europe Webinars

Creative Europe Webinars: Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation

Are you interested in enhancing environmental sustainability or taking advantage of new digital technologies in the cultural and creative sectors?

The Creative Europe Desk Finland organises two webinars on these topics. Join us to hear how you can cultivate these two essential programme priorities in Creative Europe funded projects! The webinars will be held by Yohann Floch, an experienced cultural consultant specialized in European cooperation.

The webinars are of interest for anyone who plans plan to apply within Creative Europe or just has a general interest in the topics. The webinars are directed for professionals within all the cultural and creative sectors.

The webinars will be held in English and include a Q&A session.

You can register for either one or both webinars. Please register no later than the day before each webinar. You will receive a Teams link by email on the day of the event.

Creative Europe and Ecological Transition
24.11.2021 at 14-15.30 (Finnish time)

How sustainable is your project? This webinar provides an opportunity for exploring environmental sustainability in the context of European cultural collaborations. Exploring the Creative Europe programme and its relation to the European Green Deal, the webinar will be the opportunity to exchange on methods and tools for embedding greener practices in cooperation projects. By looking at best practice examples we will also explore how actively working on environmental sustainability can improve the quality of project activities.

Creative Europe and Digital Transformation
30.11.2021 at 14-15.30 (Finnish time)

Since the pandemic, we observe that artists and culture professionals have altered their practices and have increasingly explored digital spaces and tools. Pre-existing trends have become predominant and the field has experimented with digital ways of presenting work, engaging with citizens or proposing learning and mobility experiences. Exploring Creative Europe 2021-2027, the webinar will address opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies, including important issues with regard to working conditions, intellectual property, monetisation, resistance to abandoning live physical encounters or the carbon footprint of digital activity.

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