Digital Showcase at the Berlin Theatertreffen 2021


A cooperation of Berliner Theatertreffen, Academy for Theater and Digitality and the "Digital Dramaturgy Initiative".

The three participating cooperation partners are looking for a representative selection of digital productions from Germany and abroad for presentation at the Berlin Theatertreffen. Productions from the past eighteen months can be submitted. Together, the three partners want to highlight the visionary
potential of digital theatrical art and put it up for discussion.

The selection is motivated by categories of content and personnel: Decisive for the selection of theater formats presented online or of theatrical productions with digital technologies is the prototypical, which characterizes the production in its artistic-technical approach as exemplary, inspiring, authoritative, formative, trend-setting.



Performances in virtual space or analog performances that use forms of mixed reality (augmented reality, virtual reality), sensory and/or actuator systems, forms of artificial intelligence, etc. may be considered.
We are looking for works from theatrical contexts that have sparked discussions on one or more of the following topics: new (digital) narrative dramaturgies and forms, innovative use of digital technologies, meaningfulness of the use of digital tools and technologies. In addition, the cooperation partners want to consider accessibility (especially the question to what extent an audience can really use and enjoy the artwork) and which underrepresented audiences will find access and be addressed. Finally, the question of sustainability and reusability as well as the open source idea should find their way into the selection.
For the selection, the partners agree that the longlist of 20 positions should include works by women (ideally in a 50/50 balance), by representatives of the independent scene, and from diverse, postcolonial and international contexts.


On the basis of approximately 20 positions, which the Academy for Theater and Digitality and the Digital Dramaturgy Initiative compile from proposals, the Theatertreffen selects 5-6 positions. The selected productions will then be shown at the Theatertreffen in May - in most cases virtually. The presentations will be rounded off by a discussion program, such as subsequent artists' talks or audience discussions, on questions of sharing culture, open access, memorability, innovation, etc.

Proposals and contacts

Proposals are to be submitted for screening by February 24, 2021 to:
Michael Eickhoff (Academy for Theater and Digitality) -> michael.eickhoff (a) theater.digital
Necati Öziri (Theatertreffen Berlin) -> Necati.Oeziri (a) berlinerfestspiele.de
Roman Senkl (Academy for Theater and Digitality / Digital Dramaturgy Initiative) ->
roman.senkl (a) theater.digital

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