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Diversity online clinics for municipality cultural workers and people working in the culture sector

Welcome to online diversity clinics presented by diversity agents! The purpose of these 2-hour clinics held on Teams is to get better acquainted with all the ways we are diverse as well as all the various components diversity embodies.

In February, we used a survey to collect wishes from the employees of the municipalities' cultural activities to see which topics should be discussed. Based on the survey, we selected 10 themes that they wanted to know more about for their work and practice. In the clinics, we will receive information about how we can build a more equitable society. There may be moments where you will feel uncomfortable as it is not always easy to confront hardship and painful patterns. We invite you to welcome as well as be curious about those uncomfortable moments, see them as a sign of growth and use it towards positive change.

Participation is free of charge. The workshops will be in English and/or in Finnish. If you need sign language or speech to text interpretation support, please inform Arlene Tucker. Register to the event by emailing Arlene, arlene.tucker@cultureforall.fi.

The Diversity online clinic series is part of Diversity as a starting point for municipalities' art and culture activities in 2025 project.

Online clinic schedule: Online clinics are held on the last Friday of the month from 9-11am.

1. Unconscious Bias, 28.4.2023
Facilitated by Martina Marti & Tal Riva Theodorou 

2. Awareness of power and privilege, 26.5.2023
Facilitated by Anna Litewka-Anttolainen & Nuura Naboulsi 

3. Diversity vs. Inclusion, 29.9.2023 
Facilitated by Daria Agapova & Sadjad Shokoohi 

4. Cultural Diversity, 27.10.2023,
Facilitated by Pablo Alvarez & Jaana Denisova-Laulajainen 

5. Disability, ableism, and diversity, 24.11.2023
Facilitated by Anastasia Artemeva, Paula Folqués, & Maija Karhunen

6. Intentional Inclusion, 26.1.2024

7. Intercultural Dialogue, 29.3.2024

8. Accessibility, 31.5.2024

9. Audience outreach & engagement, 27.9.2024

10. Work culture, 25.10.2024

After each clinic, you are welcome to schedule a 15 minute check in session with Arlene. You can in this time ask questions and share how the clinic spoke to you and touched you personally and professionally. It is important for us to build a community where we can truly support our growth and awareness of diversity.


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