Anna Krogerus

Curriculum vitae

Anna Krogerus made a real breakthrough as a playwright with Rakkaudesta minuun (For Sheer Love of Me), which was first performed at the Finnish National Theatre in 2006. Both a critical and popular success, it received the Finnish Critics’ Association Award.
Anna Krogerus was born in Kuopio, a town in central Finland, in 1974. She studied literature at the University of Tampere and dramaturgy at the Theatre Academy of Finland (1996-2002). After finishing her studies, she worked for a couple of years as a dramaturge at the KOM Theatre, developing new writing in the KOM Text project. Since 2005, Anna Krogerus has been working as resident writer-dramaturge at the Kajaani Municipal Theatre.

Stage plays by Anna Krogerus
Naisia teoriassa (Women in Theory) 2001
Heikko esitys! (A Lousy Performance!) 2004
Rakkaudesta minuun For Sheer Love of Me 2006, English translation by Nely Keinänen
Isin talviuni (Daddy’s Winter Dream) 2006
Kutistettu poika (The Boy Who Shrunk) 2006


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