Original name Tyttömutantti
Kirjoittajat Michael Baran
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1991
Theater Teatteri Pieni Suomi / Theatre Little Finland
Keywords Drama

Performances abroad

Endla Teater, Pärnu, Estonia 1996;
Odense Teater, Denmark 1996


Characters: 5 female, 2 male

The Autio family lives in different countries: the father in Switzerland, the mother in Finland. The mother, Maria Autio, is an architect. She has stayed in her home country to look after the two teenage daughters Oona and Iina. Oona is a girl mutant, a boy girl who is overshadowed by her brother Antti’s death. She has herself assumed the male role in the family and takes care of her sister and her mother. Iina, on the threshold to adulthood, is searching for her own femininity. She is hypochondriac and fears that her life will end before it has even started. The girls’ mother is lonely and unhappy.
The family’s neighbours are Toini Kaisla who clings to her daughter Saara refusing her to detach herself and the strange German upstairs who calls himself a doctor and who becomes the key figure for the Autio women. They are drawn to this strange man and with his help the knot of problems starts to come undone. The end is bright, mother Autio takes an important decision and so does the Kaisla daughter.


Language English
Translation name The Girl Mutant
Translators Eva Buchwald
Julkaisija Finnish Theatre magazine
Copies available TINFO Theatre Info Finland, tinfo(at)teatteri.org
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi

Language Swedish
Translation name Mutationsflickan
Translators Lars G. Thelestam
Copies available The Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi

Language Estonian
Translation name Mutanttüdruk
Translators Ülev Aaloe
Copies available Eesti Näitemänguagentuur / Estonian Drama Agency, ena(at)kul.ee
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi

Language Danish
Translation name Skillevejen 7
Translators Troels Il Munk
Copies available Odense Teater, post(at)odenseteater.dk
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi