Original name Puheliini
Kirjoittajat Pekka Lounela
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1976
Theater Radioteatteri, YLE / Finnish Radio Theatre
Keywords Radio Play


Characters: 6 male, 3 female

The Tellephone is a radio play in miniature, on the invention of the telephone and all the things the telephone has been used for in the last hundred years. Automatic answering services, holding systems, exchanges, wrong numbers, poor audibility, engaged lines, interrupted calls, telephone terrorism, gossip by phone, and many other aspects that fascinate and infuriate the user come into Lounela’s play. And in the middle of it all Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone, makes his first call to Thomas Watson who, unknown to Bell, is working on his own invention.


Language English
Translation name The Tellephone
Translators Dympna Connolly
Copies available Finnish Broadcasting Company, http://www.yle.fi
Drama agency Finnish Broadcasting Company, http://www.yle.fi