Viimeinen valssi Viipurissa

Original name Viimeinen valssi Viipurissa
Kirjoittajat Erkki Mäkinen
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1985
Theater Jyväskylän Kaupunginteatteri / Jyväskylä Municipal Theatre
Keywords Drama

Performances abroad

Vanemuine Teater, Tartu, Estonia 1989


Characters: 2 women, 7 soldiers.

The Last Waltz of Viipuri - a play about life's beauty is an absurd tragicomedy. The play tells about the Battle of Wyborg in 1944, towards the end of The Secon World War. This battle marks the darkest day in Finnish military history. A group of young people are united in battle, but the hell of war is in the end also the hell of their souls. The play is an analysis of people in hell, and presents a valid statement for any war at any time in human history.


Language English
Translation name The Last Waltz of Viipuri - A Play about Life’s Beauty
Translators Philip Binham
Copies available TINFO Theatre Info Finland, tinfo(at)
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists’ Union,
Language Estonian
Translation name Viimne valss Viiburis
Translators Evald Kampus
Copies available Eesti Näitemänguagentuur / Estonian Drama Agency, ena(at)
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union,