Original name Satahampaiset
Kirjoittajat Kerttu-Kaarina Suosalmi
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1982
Theater Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri / Helsinki City Theatre
Keywords Drama


Characters: male 4, female 5
"Its teeth are plentiful (as many as 100), but they are weak and without enamel". This motto of the play is part of an encyclopedia description of the armadillo. It well describes the people of The Hundred-toothed, lacerating each other but incapable to the face of life. In this brazenly acute tale of three generations, the middle generation, a vicar and even more the vicar's wife, are getting grandmother declared incompetent in order to get hold of the old estate, by manipulating connections and circumstances. This hyena-like environment has left grown-up children of the family in vacuum. Through their difficulties the son and the daughter ripen to humanity, attaining a delicate relationship with the senic grandmother. The songs of Marjut, the actress daughter, bring ballad strains to the story. The strands of humour and hope are enduring, though the basic tone is so cruelly satirical.


Language English
Translation name The Hundred-toothed
Translators Tim Steffa
Copies available Finnish Theatre Information Centre, tinfo(at)