Original name Ilmiantaja
Kirjoittajat Jukka Vieno
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1986
Theater Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri / Helsinki City Theatre
Keywords Drama


Characters: male 6, female 2
The yellow-grey reality of the city is the common denominator of Jukka Vieno's cinematic Informer. The reality conditions people in a way that cannot be escaped except through blind violence that selects its victim at random. The police, according to Vieno, are equally the prisoners of their predjudices and ambition, and police violence is as arbitrary as the violences of those who kick an old woman. In Informer the police want obsessively to get the poet to inform against cocaine smugglers, because "all poets use the stuff". Cocaine for Vieno is an example of modern branded goods, goods which produce wealth and belong to the surface, escape world. The act of the modern poet is informing when it is possible, though actually informing is only used as the tool of revenge, misery or the enhancing of self-esteem. The unavoidable consequence is that informing does not produce for its environment moral good but violence.


Language English
Translation name The Informer
Translators Anselm Hollo
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Drama agency The Finnish Dramatistsí Union,