Älä vedä pois

Original name Älä vedä pois
Kirjoittajat Jussi Kylätasku
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1988
Theater Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri / Helsinki City Theatre
Keywords Drama


Characters: 2 male, 1 female

Thirty-year-old Sakari who still lives with his mother finds a new companion for life, Kalle. They come home to celebrate their engagement. Mother has lost herself in the past studying her journal and guest book. Sakari doesn’t get through to her. He feels ashamed but at the same time experiences guilt for his mother’s situation. In all this bitterness, sadness and loss the son confesses his love to her. However, at that point it’s already too late...


Language Spanish
Translation name ¡No lo saques! o Cómo domesticar a la vieja
Translators Maritza Núñez
Julkaisija Asociación de directores de escena de España, Madrid 2004
Copies available The Finnish Dramatists' Union, http://www.sunklo.fi
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union, http://www.sunklo.fi