Rakkaudesta minuun

Original name Rakkaudesta minuun
Kirjoittajat Anna Krogerus
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 2006
Theater Suomen Kansallisteatteri / Finnish National Theatre
Keywords Drama

Performances abroad

Staged reading, SATC, New York, USA 2010;
Staged reading, Volkstheater Rostock, Germany 17.4.2009;
Lit Moon Company, USA 8.-17.6.2007


2 w, 1 m, a 10-year-old child
Premiere at the Finnish National Theatre on 27th January 2006

For Sheer Love of Me is a story about the Jalovaara family. They are financially well off. Father Lauri Jalovaara works as a celeb TV journalist handing out pseudo-psychological advice on relationship crises in his show, and lectures also to his family on the importance of controlling emotions. He appears to get everything analysed and into his mastery – contrary to his depressed wife, interior designer Tea who just lies down on the sofa, waiting for a new work assignment and daydreaming of the fulfilment of her emotional life. Their 10-year-old daughter Sylvia, named after the poet Sylvia Plath, is an intelligent vital child drifting on a collision course with her selfish parents. All of the adults in this play seem just to be nourishing their own narcissism. The play is told from Sylvia’s perspective. No-one seems to have any time for her. She is full of dreams and wishes, just the opposite of her namesake poet, who is endlessly cited by Tea. One of Sylvia’s dreams comes true as she gets to walk the dog of the recently moved-in neighbours.
Saana, the new neighbour to the Jalovaara family, is a nature activist. The ecological standpoint underlies the whole play: the pollution of the Baltic Sea, the melting polar glaciers as well as the destruction of the biosphere and possibly of the whole planet Earth are treated in the story. Sylvia fancies: “Finally, we would find an other planet, where there would be an atmosphere, and we would move to the Planet and name it to Homie (Kotonen)”. Seen against this background, the life attitude of the adults seems to be very childish and irresponsible.
The relationships between the adults end up in a total chaos. The TV celebrity Jalovaara has sex with his naïve admirer Saana and his wine-sipping wife Tea leaves for a romantic journey with Saana’s husband Ilari, but comes back being even more messed up and depressed. Sylvia has to witness all this while bouncing back and forth at the threshold of her puberty. The disappearance and the death of the neighbours’ dog is the turning point which elucidates the life lie of the “well-being” family from a totally new perspective. However, the end of the play gives a chance and hope for the reunion of the characters; everyone of them needs intimacy.
For Sheer Love of Me is a well-written, deep, heartbreaking, and tender story about the helplessness of individual human beings.


Language English (American)
Translation name For Sheer Love of Me
Translators Nely Keinänen
Drama agency Nordic Drama Corner Ltd, office(a)dramacorner.fi

Language French
Translation name Par amour-propre
Translators Alexandre André
Drama agency Nordic Drama Corner Ltd, office(a)dramacorner.fi

Language Estonian
Translation name Armastusest minu vastu
Translators Ülev Aaloe
Drama agency Nordic Drama Corner Ltd, office(a)dramacorner.fi

Language Russian
Translation name ОТ ЛЮБВИ КО МНЕ
Translators Jelena Seredina
Drama agency Nordic Drama Corner Ltd, office(a)dramacorner.fi

Language German
Translation name Aus liebe zu mir
Translators Gabriele Schrey-Vasara
Drama agency Nordic Drama Corner Ltd, office(a)dramacorner.fi