Original name Pyykki
Kirjoittajat Outi Nyytäjä
Original language Finnish
Premiere year 1997
Theater Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri / Helsinki City Theatre
Keywords Drama


Charcters: 1 male, 1 female

Raili Rantanen enters the laundry room with an overflowing laundry basked. It’s laundry day and at the same time the weekly moment for comfort and psychotherapy. It is also Jukka’s laundry day and he unintentionally messes up Raili’s laundry routine. During the pre-wash the two get acquainted, during the whites Raili and Jukka exchange experiences from the battlefield of love, Raili talks about her heterosexual relationship which ended in a divorce when her husband walked out on her and Jukka about his love for men. Before the spin program has ended Raili and Jukka have found each other.


Language Swedish
Translation name Byke
Translators Gunilla Hemming
Copies available The Finnish Dramatists' Union,
Drama agency The Finnish Dramatists' Union,