Original name Familjen
Kirjoittajat Claes Andersson
Original language Swedish
Premiere year 1973
Theater Lilla Teatern / Little Swedish Theatre
Keywords Drama


Roles: 3 male, 4 female + the joker, a commentator

This play describes the tyranny and the verbal as well as nonverbal struggle for power within a family where weapons like drunkenness, mental illness and suffering are used so blindly and with such unintentional cruelty that not even the family members themselves are aware of it.


Language English
Translation name The Family
Translators Philip Binham
Julkaisija The Hungarian Centre of the ITI
Copies available TINFO Theatre Info Finland, tinfo(at)teatteri.org
Drama agency Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi
Language German
Translation name Familie
Translators Anu Saari
Hartmut Reiber
Julkaisija Henschel, Berlin 1980
Drama agency Finnish Dramatists' Union, www.sunklo.fi