Craft Bites -tapahtuma

Finnish playwrights at Craf Bites International -events

Playwrights Guild of Canada PGC members have been paired up with an International playwright to share their work and discuss the craft of playwriting with one another. You can tune into these live events and get a glimpse of what these theatre creators have been up to!

Finnish playwrights:

E.L Karhu 13 November 2023

Saara Turunen 27 November 2023

Salla Viikka 11 December 2023

Laura Ruohonen 29 January 2024

Antti Hietala 5 February 2024

Saaramaria Kuittinen 12 February 2024


Craft Bites International is open and free to the public.

Registration is now open for audiences!

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