From Finland to beyond

Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) received an impressive 28 applications from the field of theatre, all hoping for the chance to be involved in developing the internationalisation of theatre and performing arts. The three-year MOTI programme aims to produce artistic production models that attract new audiences to performances, thus lengthening their life cycles.

The following five were selected for the MOTI internationalisation programme for groups and pairs: Hirvanen ja Valkeapää, Jalostamo², Oblivia, sadsongskomplex:fi and W A U H A U S.

Maija Hirvanen and Juha Valkeapää have had long careers in Finland and internationally and are also two of the regular artists in the Helsinki’s Baltic Circle festival. Now they are combining their special areas of expertise and creating their first joint work.

Jalostamo² is a theatre group, made up of actor Anna Lipponen, lightning designer/ scenographer Petri Tuhkanen and producer Jaakko Lenni-Taattola, which is currently working with the renowned Estonian Theatre NO99.

The unique Oblivia performance company is already known in many European countries. The group, which is almost 20 years old, is aiming to create a large, international co-production in 2020, its anniversary year.

sadsongskomplex:fi, which was set up by playwright and director Jari Juutinen and actor Liisa Sofia Pöntinen, has received another invitation to perform at Festival OFF d'Avignoniin, has toured extensively in Russia and has performed at Edinburgh Fringe, for example.

Multi-disciplinary W A U H A U S has launched a new type of collective working method for producing performances. The collective is aiming to build an international network of co-producers, enable longer-lasting cooperation, attract new audiences and in this way lengthen the life cycle of works.

During the selection process for the MOTI programme, TINFO sent some of the applications for assessment by foreign experts. Ragnheiður Skúladóttir is the artistic director of the LÓKAL international Theatre Festival in Iceland. Max-Philip Aschenbrenner has worked in festival management in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Daniel Blanga-Gubbay curated the Belgian Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Arts sector activist Ruth McGowan has just been appointed Director of the Dublin Fringe Festival in Ireland.

MOTI for motivation and motion

The name of the programme, MOTI, comes from the Latin word motus, which means motion. MOTI helps theatre and performance arts to move outside of Finland’s borders. MOTI also refers to motivation, which increases in importance particularly when theatre makers decide to go abroad to earn a crust. A burning desire, i.e. motivation, is needed when you set off with your art into the highly-competitive international markets for performing arts.


Von Finnland aus in die Welt