How does dancing feel is a podcast, where we are trying to understand what makes dancing unique. The podcast is an attempt to give words to dancing as a private, communal and societal fenomenon. The podcast is a non-commercial artistic study and will be released online in August as part of the UrbanApan festival. The project is led by performer Wilhelm Blomberg in collaboration with dance artist Taru Aho.

Participate in the project by answering the question how does dancing feel? and send it as a Whatsapp-voice message to +358417229175 or by email to hiljaisettanssit(a)gmail.com. You can also send your answers in text, if that is easier for you. Replies are used anonymously as part of the podcast. You can answer in Finnish, Swedish or English. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay compensation for the answers, but if you have time to answer even briefly, it would be very meaningful to us. Deadline for the answers is July 26th.

If you are wondering if we are interested in your thoughts, the answer is yes! Your answer can be just as short or elaborate as you want it to be. We especially yearn for your answer if…

  • You like dancing or you used to like dancing, but don’t like it anymore
  • Dancing is a particular, wonderful or painful thing for you
  • Dancing has changed your life
  • You only dance alone at home
  • You have stopped or given up dancing
  • You have lost the feeling of dancing or you miss it
  • You have or have not been paid for dancing

We also need your help to make the spectrum of answers as wide and diverse as possible. We ask that you forward this link to the person from whom you would like to hear the answer to the same question. We need answers from as diverse backgrounds as possible, regardless of body, abilities, or skills.

By sending an audio message, you agree that your reply may be used as part of the podcast. As the project progresses, we will be in touch with some respondents for an broader interview. Phone numbers are only used to contact the interviewees and are not stored anywhere else and are deleted after the project is completed.The project is supported by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, UrbanApa and the Reality Research Center.
For more information: Wilhelm Blomberg, hiljaisettanssit(a)gmail.com

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