Joao Marcelo Emediato

ICE HOLE issue 10: Isolation

The 10th issue of ICE HOLE online journal is now out. The editor of the Isolation themed issue is Pilvi Porkola and the makers are students from her performance course in Aalto University.

The spring of 2020 was very unusual. In short time the Covid-19 pandemic changed our everyday lives: the way we move, meet others and teach. Courses were suddenly moved to online platforms. The performance course too was held via Zoom which felt paradoxical, when thinking that performance is an embodied art form that often happens between people in a shared time and space. However, there is a strong tradition of performing to camera in the field of performance art. ICE HOLE 10 is an edited compilation based on video works participants made during the course. The works give us a glimpse of the strangeness of the new everyday life and a new kind of loneliness – of both anxiety and hope.

Read ICE HOLE 10 here

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