Kolibri festivaali. Kuvitus: Paloma Valdívia, vuoden 2021 kutsuvieras.

Kolibrí Festival

A unique multicultural, multilingual, free and open art festival for children and their families.

Celebrate “Us” at Kolibrí’s 10th edition!

20 - 26 September 2021 Helsinki, Espoo & Vantaa

“Us” refers to our first universe, the simplest and most important connection we build as humans. It represents the lifelong relationship connecting ourselves to our ancestral origins, to Mother Earth, and to the communities we belong to.

In ourselves, we celebrate the small universe that is enlarged to include a broader and more diverse community. Our focus is on cherishing and nourishing ourselves (“Us”) in order to be able to nurture the humanity of the future, in all their seedling universes.

Kolibrí is a festival where the diversity and plurilingualism of contemporary children in Finland can be experienced. Every autumn, during the last week of September. We offer an artistic, cultural, recreational and educational programme with free access.

The Kolibrí Festivaali’s programme contains multidisciplinary workshops, theater and dance performances, concerts, a fair of children’s literature in Spanish and Portuguese, a biennial seminar on bilingualism for families, as well as debates and panels. These activities are facilitated by artists, scientists, experts and other culture workers of diverse origins residing in Finland.

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