Looking for Direction Hulkko Lavaste Leskinen

Looking for direction: rethinking theatre directing practices and pedagogies in the 21st century

Looking for direction verbalises lore and embodied knowledge about the art of directing and the art of teaching it. All of the 17 writers are directors, and in most cases, teachers of directing. We are looking for a new way of being/becoming a director, but we still believe that the traditions we carry have a lot to give for the future.
We invite you to play with this book!
The position of a director is a hot spot in theatre today. We need to confront the new questions of power and hierarchy in our work in a very concrete way, as well as the questions of representation and interpretation. How can we create shared meaning on stage when the metanarratives are losing their universality and the audiences interpret meaning more diversely than ever before?
We invite you to play with this book, jump around, change it, add something, rewrite it and if you like throw it right back at us in a dialogue.
This book is one of the outcomes of the Erasmus + project Alexandria Nova which took place during the years 2019-2022. Published by Uniarts / Theatre Academy, Helsinki 2022.
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