Pink Pavilion 2022

Looking for playwrights and dramatic texts!

A Copenhagen-based Blaagaard Teater is organising the international reading festival Pink Pavilion in May 2023 in collaboration with the development platform for new writing, Katapult Akademiet. Pink Pavilion is looking for one Finnish or Finland-based playwright who is interested in having an excerpt of his or her finished work read.


What is Pink Pavilion?

Pink Pavilion is a festival where both Danish and international theatre artists can come together around new dramatic writing that gives us more angles on a shared, global world. The festival contributes to the internationalisation of the performing arts, where the performing arts community and the theatre industry can experience other cultures, have conventions and learn about traditions.
The festival will be held in a safe, relaxed and festive setting at Blaagaard Teater in Copenhagen and at Teater Katapult in Aarhus on 11, 12 and 13 May 2023.

Practical framework

An excerpt from your script will be chosen to suit a 30 minute staged reading. This extract will be translated into Danish and possibly English. The excerpt will be worked on in a 4-day rehearsal period with a director and up to four actors.
Pink Pavilion will buy the rights for performing your play. The assignment is paid and we cover your stay in Copenhagen and your transport costs.


This year's theme is POWER, in all its forms; political, personal, human and social. The work you apply with must be connected in some way to the theme - it can be both in a literal sense or a loose association.  
The work you are applying with must have been performed previously or be in its completed form. We count readings as performances.
Your application must include:
- Name
- Relevant education or experience
- Short description of the work (maximum 500 characters with spaces)
- Excerpt from the work (maximum 5 pages).
- CV
- Contact information
It is possible to write the application in your native language, but we prefer applications in English or Swedish. Applications should be sent to pink (a) blaagaardteater.dk by January 10, at 23:59 CET. If we choose your work, you can expect an answer by February 20. Should you not hear from us your work has not been selected. 
Please note! The festival has only four actors available. This means that your work must either have a maximum of four characters, or that it is possible for the actors to play several roles.
Photo: Birk Thomassen Graphic Design: Ebba Tham / Pink Pavilion

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