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Moving in November Festival program release

3rd to 13th of November 2022.

Moving in November’s festival program is out! There are various works to discover in this year’s edition. Let us give you a short summary of the 10 days of the festival.

In case you have not yet read the pre-note to the festival program, the thoughts behind, you find it here.

As a unique exception, Moving in November starts this year with a pre-opening in October. On the 30th and 31st, we present the premiere of Nature Untitled, a work in the form of a triptych, by choreographer Veli Lehtovaara, visual artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila and sound designer Jani Hietanen. All three parts are situated in different venues and presented throughout the festival. The first part takes place in an old oil silo, accessible for public events only until the end of October.

We are thrilled to open the festival on 3rd of November with Feijoada by choreographer Calixto Neto in Caisa. Back in Moving in November, this time with his own work, Calixto Neto invites us to witness the preparation of a feijoada, the symbolic but controversial dish of Brazilian gastronomy. A roda de samba sets the rhythm of the evening. Songs, dance, personal and political stories intertwine with the cooking process and the ingredients of the feijoada. Local performers take part in this work.

As also in DAWN by Sheena McGrandles, a musical on reproduction. Combining concert, spoken word and performance into a multi-layered and humorous artistic work about reproduction, parenthood, and the power of a child as a symbol of hope. Which bodies may and can reproduce, how and where? The choir of the childless people is formed by local performers.

A long-time promise becomes finally realized, we show Solos and Duets by choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart. Alongside, her latest video works can be seen, free of charge, throughout the whole festival. Responding to the current state of the world, these works were created as part of the project CC: World, by HKW in Berlin.

Making the most out of the company’s visit, we have the pleasure to show Meg Stuart’s recent duo All the way around. An intimate concert setting, where she meets jazz musician Doug Weiss.

Just in front of Stoa, you will find an original Finnish wooden hut. The Hut a project by Jared Gradinger, Angela Schubot, Alm Gnista, Shelley Etkin and Stefan Rusconi, developed specifically for Moving in November, is a co-created living being, dedicated to the queendom of fungi which now resides in its’ wooden structures. During the course of the festival, The Hut will host various offers from the team of human and nonhuman collaborators.

The project has a small audience capacity. Reservations are free of charge.

Connected to The Hut, but zooming in on another plant, Angela Schubot with Suvi Kemppainen premieres a movement study emerging from a long-term, deep dedication to encounters with moss.

Proudly we present choreographers’ Cherish Menzo and Eisa Jocson strong and significant solo works this year. In their performances (Jezebel and Macho Dancer) they both examine phenomena, turning around and playing with reinforced stereotypes and gender codes.

Last but not least there are two performances this year that create rather intimate encounters with the audience. Firstly, Mette Edvardsen’s project Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine, where a group of performers memorize a book of their choice by heart. Together they form a library collection consisting of living books. A performance based on Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, which is set in a future society where books are forbidden. For Helsinki, we have added two Finnish and another Swedish title to the growing library.

Secondly Audience Body by Tuomas Laitinen a performance without performers, like a book misplaced into the space and time of theatre. There is a codex. A scroll. A love letter. Place. Time. Immersion. Destruction. Order. Mess. Practice. Theory.

Welcome to Moving in November!


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