Access Point 2017

NOKKA/HOC seeks theatrical soulmates

The NOKKA/HOC project, a Finnish and Russian collaboration coordinated by Theatre Info Finland (TINFO), will be exploring cross-border free movement and artistic practice between 2017 and 2019. The project has been granted discretionary funding by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture.

“As part of the NOKKA/HOC [nos] collaboration, we will plan and deliver a series of joint productions, organise visiting performances and facilitate professional and networking visits for theatre makers in both Finland and Russia,” explained Jukka Hyde Hytti, the project’s coordinator.

NOKKA/HOC will make use of existing production platforms for all its activities. Leading contemporary theatre festivals, such as the Baltic Circle festival in Helsinki and the Access Point festival in St Petersburg will serve as a meeting point for independent theatre companies and other artistic communities. The University of Tampere’s Theatre Arts degree programme will provide opportunities for participants to develop their artistic expression in collaboration with Russian colleagues through a Russian-language production set to be staged in St Petersburg. Theatres in Riihimäki, Kajaani and Joensuu and the Dostoevsky and Pushkin theatre festivals in Russia will act as host venues for the project.

For further information, please contact: Jukka Hyde Hytti, Executive Producer of International Projects, TINFO: e-mail: hyde(a)