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Tuomas Timonen

Tuomas Timonen (born 1975) is a Helsinki based playwright, director, dramaturge, actor and poet who graduated from the Finnish Theatre Academy in 2004. Timonen has written close to 20 works for stage and radio, and has also adapted and translated plays into Finnish.

Most of Timonen’s works explore topics of abuse and violence, with his later works especially concentrating on emotional violence. His style of writing is typically described as exact and precise in its ability to convey meaning and emotions.

In 2007, Timonen received the Dancing Bear poetry award for his collection Ode to Love. His play Megan’s Story was awarded the 2010 Lea Award for the best play of the year. In 2012, the play was also selected as Finland’s winning entry for the Nordic Drama Train, which has replaced the earlier Nordic Drama Prize.

Selected plays

Tuomas Timonen