New Plays from Finland

Juha Jokela

Juha Jokela (b. 1970) is a modern writer whose surprising humour, compelling narratives and nuanced characterizations are tightly bound to the present moment. Whether focusing his sharp vision on the world of business or the spirit, he writes with deep understanding of the personalities involved.

Jokela began his career in television. His first play,  Mobile Horror (A Mobile Horror, 2003), garnered great critical acclaim. This comedy, set in a mobile phone company, was quickly produced by a number of theatre companies. Jokela's Nordic Drama Award-winning play, Fundamentalisti (The Fundamentalist 2006), is a more serious two-person play examining religious fanaticism; it, too, has achieved both popular and critical success.

Jokela's highly-anticipated play Esitystalous (Performance Economy, 2010) premiered at the Espoo City Theatre. This satire deals with performance as a basic element of society, politics and business. Esitystalous 2 (Performance Economy 2) in 2013 was dealing with same issues, but with focus in brand workshop and an Author invited to join the team, assigned to create a story of the City of Espoo. Patriarkka (The Patriarch) premiered on the main stage of the Finnish National Theatre in the autumn of 2012, and was written for the theatre’s 140-year anniversary.