New Plays from Finland

Lauri Maijala

Lauri Maijala, born 1986, is a Finnish theatre director who is about to complete his Master's degree at the Finnish Theatre Academy. He has also written several plays, such as Mannerheim or naught to do with your children (Rujo Theatre, 2010), The Plastic-dude or the Apparition of John the Veteran (Vanha Juko Theatre, 2011) and Where Once We Skinned (Viirus Theatre, 2013).

Maijala, who has quickly become a prominent name in Finnish culture has a unique and unapologetic way of making theatre. He turns the accepted norms on their heads and does not spare society in his statements. Maijala often uses the classics as a canvas, bringing their themes into the present day.

Lauri Maijala is an Artistic Director at KOM Theatre in Helsinki as a duet with Juho Milonoff, an actor in KOM Theatre.


Lauri Maijala