New Plays from Finland

Juha Hippi

Juha Hippi (born 1975) is an actor, director and dramatist. He has worked professionally in theatre, television and on the big screen since 2004, when he graduated from the screen-acting course at the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences. He has won a Best Actor award at the Uneton48 (Sleeples48) film competition as well as in 2011 at the Pieksämäki Monologue Competition. His directing credits include; Pakko Skarpata (Have to get it together), a short film that has been shown by the Finnish Broadcasting Company; and in theatre his most important credits are Gangrene The Musical as well as Last Call, a monologue about alcohol, which he wrote and directed in co-operation with Mikko Räty.

Hippi has co-written all the short films that he has directed as well as Last Call, a monologue for the stage and Gangrene The Musical.

Hippi has worked as an actor in several free theatre-group productions. He has toured in Finland and Russia while working in summer-theatre productions, studied acting as a post-graduate in Los Angeles and acted in international collaborations in Bulgaria and Estonia, to mention a few. Hippi is also a founding member of The Shameless Improvisation Theatre Company and President of the Teatro Labora Society.


Juha Hippi