New Plays from Finland

Jari Juutinen

Juutinen is said not to shy away from difficult topics and the plays he works with have often a strong social point of view. His probably best known play I am Adolf Eichmann (available in English, German, French and Spanish) brings forward the individual behind the war criminal to point out the banality of evil. Besides in Finland, Luxembourg and Belgium, the play has been performed at the Festival d’Avignon OFF in France in the summer of 2008. In Juliet, Juliet! (available in French, Georgian, German and English) he criticizes the corruptive power of money. The latter play was invited and performed at the XIV Festival de Teatro de la Habana in Cuba 2011 and at the XI Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre in Georgia 2014. In I am Faransis W. (Finnish premiere in 2016, available in English) Juutinen paints a feverish theatrical kaleidoscope based loosely on Büchner's classic Woyzeck.

Juutinen is also the founder of the Finnish ensemble-based theatre Theatre Vanha Juko where he staged his work amongst other important Finnish contemporary plays. Juutinen is also the co–founder of a Finnish theatre festival Lain§uojattomat (Outlaw§). Jari Juutinen has worked in three major city theatres in Finland (Oulu City Theatre, Lahti City Theatre, and as the artistic director in Lappeenranta City Theatre.) Recently he has founded an internationally working theatre company sadsongskomplex:fi.

Besides in Finland, Juutinen has directed in Russia, Luxembourg and Georgia. His director works have toured internationally in Russia, Cuba, Georgia, Lithuania, Belgium, Estonia, Luxembourg, France and USA.

In 2002, he was awarded with Hilikka Award of Finnish independent theatres. Juutinen has been honoured with an appreciated 5-year state artist grant (2016-2020).