New Plays from Finland

Gunilla Hemming

Gunilla Hemming (born 1955) is a Finnish playwright, screenwriter, translator and dramaturg who writes primarily in Swedish. Her plays have been performed in numerous theatres in Finland (including Lilla Teatern and the Finnish National Opera), reaching both Swedish and Finnish speaking audiences. She has also written for film, television and radio, with many of her works focusing on historical female characters’ status and position (one example being her play from 2012, Frau Höss and Friends).  
In 2014 she was awarded the Bergboms Prize by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland. Hemming was commissioned to write a play for the 2016-2018 Young Stage (Nuori Näyttämö) project, from which her play Carmina was created. Her most recent work, Marriage Thing (Äktenskapsgrejen), premiered in Helsinki City Theatre’s Swedish stage in autumn 2019.  

Selected plays