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Networking event for GAP Creatives database in Tampere // 16.12. 15:00-18:00

Earlier this year, G.A.P has received an interesting proposal from our community asking us to organise one of the upcoming networking meetings for members of the Creatives Database in a new location, outside of the Uusimaa region.

Based on this feedback, last month G.A.P created a short survey asking our Creatives to select a city where they would prefer this networking event to take place. The majority of the survey responders have chosen the city of Tampere and therefore, this Friday G.A.P goes to Tampere!

The meeting place for this event is Tampere University (Linna building) room Linna K106 on Kalevantie 5, 33100 located near the Tampere Railway Station. We will start at 15:00 and end around 18:00 o’clock.

In the beginning of the event, we will hear a short presentation about the project “Homeward: exploring co-creation practices towards integration” that reframes how integration is understood and practiced through the use of co-creative practices. The project is coordinated by Bruno Lefort (Principal investigator) in collaboration with Housana Alfashtaki (Research associate), Ilaria Tucci (Postdoctoral researcher) and Meeri Tiensuu (Doctoral researcher). The rest of the event will be informal. We might pay a visit to some local gallery space but this decision will be made democratically during the event by the group.

Globe Art Point is super excited about this trip since there are many of our members who joined the association during the Covid times who we only know virtually so please do come and say hello to us, it will be cool to catch up!

NB. Usually our networking events for Creatives Database are closed to the public, but this time, we would like to encourage everyone interested in Globe Art Point to come and meet us! It will be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know us, learn about the Creatives Database and what it offers to its members.

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