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OPEN CALL – Theatre in Palm 2024 Residencies

Theatre in Palm will be hosting a series of residencies for emerging theatre artists throughout 2024.

The residencies offer the artists a chance for professional development and building their professional networks in Europe. The main purpose of the residencies is to foster collaboration, spark inspiration and create shared insights and experiences while building meaningful and life-changing connections.

To keep it real, each residency will work on a co-production that can manifest itself in many ways. It can be an artwork, play, script, happening, recorded performance, making of video, text, drawings etc. The only requirement is that it has to be shareable online.

The residencies will take place in 12 different countries during different times in 2024. You can apply to any of the Open Calls listed below. Each residency has chosen a theme it will be working with.

Theme of the residency

Residency theme will be one of these, or a combination of these:

  • Social impact
  • General equality
  • Environmental sustainability


Travel, accommodation and some form of compensation for the work will be paid to all the selected artists. The exact sums might vary by country depending on travel, accommodation, living and other costs in different countries. You can find the sums for each residency in the listing of local open calls. If you have questions related the compensation, please contact the local contact points mentioned in the listing below.

You can apply for the residency if you are: 

  • an emerging artist in the field of performing arts, for example arts student or a recent graduate. 
  • newcomer in the field of professional theatre. 
  • interested in gaining new professional competencies and making new openings in the field of performing arts. 
  • willing to collaborate/cooperate outside of your own profession. 
  • interested in international career opportunities and networks. 
  • resident in an EU country and over 18 years old. 


Professionally you can be from any field of theatre/performing arts, click the arrow for examples:

Why to participate?

  • Get inspired by other emerging artists in the field of theatre art and performance art.
  • Connect through theatre.
  • Learn about new cultures and ways of working.
  • Share knowledge.

How to apply

  • Each Theatre in Palm country selects 5 artists through an Open Call.
  • You can apply to any Theatre in Palm country’s residency.  
  • Application period varies by country and is specified in the listing below (more countries will be added).
  • Fill in the application form carefully and submit it by the given deadline (different to each country). 
  • The application must be accompanied by a CV and a motivation letter in which you explain why you would like to participate in the residency. 
  • Application criteria:
    • you are an emerging artist
    • you demonstrate motivation and commitment to collaborate during the residency with your application
    • you are a resident in an EU country
    • you are over 18 years old

Find local Open Calls listed below

(more locations will be added as dates are confirmed)

Romania (Magura Racatau) – 19 – 31 May 2024
Sweden (Stockholm) – 12 – 23 August 2024
Finland (Turku) – 26 August – 7 September 2024
Greece (Thessaloniki) – 9 – 23 September 2024
Portugal (Lisbon) – September 2024
Cyprus (Nicosia) – 7 – 20 October 2024
Spain (Barcelona) – October 2024
Italy (Reggio Emilia) – 4 – 16 November 2024
Belgium (Brussels) – November 2024

TBC = to be confirmed

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