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What’s going on in Finnish theatre at the moment? Here you’ll find a selection of current projects, including a brief introduction and a link to further information on the theatre company’s website.


ROCKY! Return of the Loser

ROCKY! Return of the Loser

They fear the most who have the most to lose.

We all love an underdog story. We want to be on the side of the weak. We want to see the beaten rise up and fight back. We want to see the loser win. But only when the loser represent what we stand for – the good. 

The monologue performance ROCKY! Return of the Loser is about the changes of power relations in modern Europe. The mocked right-wing populists are shifting the political balance with their furious progress, which puts the cultural left in an uncomfortable position.

Will the former losers be the new rulers, and those in power become the new losers?

ROCKY! Return of the Loser is written by Tue Biering, one of Denmark’s foremost directors. Theatre Viirus are putting on a new version of Bierings concept.

Age recommendation 16 years, the performance includes theatre blood and scenes that might shock

Photo: Ernest Protasiewicz

Director: Jussi Sorjanen
Author: Tue Biering
Theater: Viirus
Premiere: 25.09.2021


Welcome to the world of crazy scientists and groovy monsters! Red Nose Companys Frankenstein is a playful interpretation of Mary Shelley’s classical story, adapted for children and families.

Disco music, wonderful lights and reactive comedy: together with the audience we build an exciting feel-good experience. 

Frankenstein is a central myth in our cultural history, and it deals with the experience of otherness and the feeling of being different. In our performance, we even lead the young audiences through the history and ethics of science.

Duration: Approximately 1 h
Age recommendation: 6–100
Language: Finnish and English

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Photo: Cata Portin

Director: Timo Ruuskanen - Tuukka Vasama
Author: Mary Shelley
Dramaturge: Timo Ruuskanen - Tuukka Vasama
Theater: Red Nose Company
Premiere: 23.09.2021
The Cleaners

The Cleaners

The Cleaners is a performance based on stories of people who are working and living amongst us. The performance looks into society’s power structures from the point of view of the immigrants who work as cleaners in Finland. The performance studies what kind of movement is inspired by cleaning up.

Cleaners is the final part of European theatre collective’s trilogy Invisible Finland which concentrates on who are allowed to be on the stage in Finland and whose stories are told in Finnish theatres. The performance centers the invisible stories of immigrants and the work made by them. The trilogy’s first part Builders was
performed in theatre Viirus in the Autumn 2018 and second part Drivers in Mad House Helsinki in the Autumn 2019.

The Cleaners at Aleksanterin Teatteri
15/16/ September
9/16 November at 7pm
Language: English with Finnish subtitles

Photo: David Kozma

Director: David Kozma
Theater: Post Theatre Collective
Premiere: 15.09.2021


A new play written and directed by Juha Jokela will see its premiere this autumn. Docents is a keen study of the power-play at work in a university environment. In this sharp psychological drama, Jokela scrutinizes the state of present-day academia and its capacity to pursue scientific independence in a climate of political tension and economic downturn.

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Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Director: Juha Jokela
Author: Juha Jokela
Theater: The Finnish National Theatre
Premiere: 13.09.2021


Bolla is based on Pajtim Statovci`s highly acclaimed novel which won the Finlandia-prize of Litterature in 2019.

The play (dramatized by: Tuomas Timonen) focuses on one albanian familyman Arsim who falls in love with a serb Miloš in the 1990´s during the war in Kosovo.

Arsim tries to cope with his forbidden dual life but soon he is forced to escape to a western country with his family. That´s why he decides to leave Miloš; who then joins the war in Kosovo as a soldier.
After tragic events in western world Arsim returns alone to Kosovo and eventually finds his ex-lover Miloš but it is too late. The events of war have destroyed Miloš completely.

Bolla is a very dramatic lovestory. It is timeless but at the same time very modern tale full of Kosovar myths and important themes from today´s world.  It asks many contradictory questions as: Are there situations where it is right to do wrong? In Bolla good and evil are not black and white.

The show has been directed by award-winning Milja Sarkola. In the leading roles: Samuli Niittymäki, Mikko Kauppila and Jessica Grabowsky.

Photo: Ilkka Saastamoinen

Director: Milja Sarkola
Author: Pajtim Statovci
Dramaturge: Tuomas Timonen
Theater: Helsinki City Theatre
Premiere: 02.09.2021
Funny - The Best Puppet Show Ever Made

Funny - The Best Puppet Show Ever Made

This lightly saturated performance hides evil in cotton wool and contemplates on the tragedy of entertaining. A child-adult is revealed in the limelight, with an eternal smile and a sugar-tipped past. Laughter, helium balloons, Mary had a little lamb, an eternal birthday party and a family believing they were happy. But as the day turns into a night, a gun is found from the pillow, and sheep that don’t want to go away creep from under the blanket. In its imagery this wordless, humorous, and light-hearted performance hides issues on fear of violence and cracking mental health. Is there always emptiness behind a clown’s smile? If the balloon grows too big, will it explode? Can you grow up by only eating cotton candy? The stars of the entertainment world whimsically bossing each others around and the sparkle of the limelight find their forms in an incredibly little used puppet technique: balloons. In addition to live balloons the performance features full-sized human puppets and invisible puppeteering.

Director: Pia Kalenius
Author: Merja Pöyhönen & Riina Tikkanen
Theater: Nukketeatteri Sampo
Premiere: 26.08.2021
A Great Mess

A Great Mess

A Great Mess is a site-sensitive performance that approaches the site as a historically unique multispecies meeting place. The performance takes place during sunset and journeys among sun-scorched thymes, discarded matter, porous skin, surrendering, earthmoving machines, and the landscapes of human imagination.

Performances at ANTI Contemporary Arts Festival, Kuopio

TUE  14.9. | 18:00 (in Finnish)
WED 15.9. | 18:00 (in Finnish)
THU  16.9. | 18:00 (in Finnish)
SAT   18.9. | 18:00 (in English)

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Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Theater: W A U H A U S
Premiere: 24.08.2021
Fyra dagar av närhet (Sky every day)

Fyra dagar av närhet (Sky every day)

Pipsa Lonka’s posthumanist play dissects our human-centred way of seeing the world.

The events take place at a seaside hotel and its vicinity. A school of fish has washed up on the beach. A flock of seagulls circulate hungrily in the sky. The hotel guests and birds observe each other but avoid contact.

Fyra dagar av närhet is a play about living together with animals that are not wild, nor tame, but something in between. It is a play about living in co-existence with humanity, which both gives and takes. It is a play about seagulls and humans sharing an ecosystem that is neither natural nor fully artificial.

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Photo: Ernest Protasiewicz

Director: Susanna Airaksinen
Author: Pipsa Lonka
Theater: Viirus
Premiere: 19.02.2021
Verdrängen Verdrängen Verdrängen

Verdrängen Verdrängen Verdrängen

VerdrängenVerdrängenVerdrängen marks the 20th anniversary of the Finnish minimalist performance art company Oblivia. In this obsessively researched and crystallised performance, Oblivia works through the various meanings of the German word verdrängen’ and investigates rejection, abandonment, dislocation, and disengagement. 

On a plain black stage, in the light of overhanging white neon lights, three performers test the limits of experimental contemporary music theatre. Oblivia devised the performance in collaboration with multitalented young composer Yiran Zhaon and the company’s resident lighting designer Meri Ekola. Together, they drill down to collective European memories from the start of the 20th century until the year 1989. The year when everything changed.

6 - 7 October, Mannheim
9 - 10 November, Tampere
18 November, 
Chur (CH)

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Director: Alice Ferl, Timo Fredriksson, Anna-Maija Terävä ja Annika Tudeer
Dramaturge: Alice Ferl, Timo Fredriksson, Anna-Maija Terävä ja Annika Tudeer
Theater: Oblivia
Premiere: 23.10.2020