On Stage in Finland Now!

Finnish theatre going virtual? Most Finnish theatres  remain closed to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have picked some performances you can enjoy at home both live and on-demand.  At TINFO, we can’t wait for "the new normal" to begin. In pre-Covid Finland, almost 1,000 new plays appeared on stage  each year, produced by both professional and amateur theatres and groups.


9 hyvää syytä elää

9 hyvää syytä elää

Humanity’s pronouns are we/our, not not I/me. Full of hope and light, this tale of survival is about reconnecting with yourself, with others and with nature.

27.3. at 18.00

Photo: Aki Loponen

Director: Ilmari Pursiainen
Author: Anna Krogerus
Theater: Lappeenrannan Kaupunginteatteri
Premiere: 27.03.2021
Diplomaatit (Diplomats)

Diplomaatit (Diplomats)

Full of song and dance, Diplomats is a lively comedy about human perfection, or about people who believe they can find perfection within themselves.

Live stream:

24.3.2021 at 19.00

Facebook, Tapahtumakanava or Helsinki-kanava

Photo: Tuomo Manninen

Director: Juha Mustanoja
Author: Juha Mustanoja
Theater: The Finnish National Theatre
Premiere: 24.03.2021
Saatana saapuu Moskovaan (Master i Margarita)

Saatana saapuu Moskovaan (Master i Margarita)


11.3. at  19.00
9.4. at 19.00
14.4. at 13.00

Photo: Maria Atosuo

Director: Antti Mikkola
Author: Mihail Bulgakov
Theater: Tampereen Teatteri
Premiere: 10.03.2021
Fyra dagar av närhet (Sky every day)

Fyra dagar av närhet (Sky every day)

Pipsa Lonka’s posthumanist play dissects our human-centred way of seeing the world.

Live Stream

Friday 12.3. at 19.00
Saturday 20.3. at 19.00
Friday 26.3. at 19.00

Photo: Ernest Protasiewicz

Director: Susanna Airaksinen
Author: Pipsa Lonka
Theater: Viirus
Premiere: 19.02.2021
The tent

The tent

The tent is a meeting between two performers and a visitor. In the tent, we have answers to all questions. Maybe not true, real or possible, but certainly clear ones.
Book a time for The tent by emailing. Live or digitally.
Photo: Liina Aalto-Setälä
Theater: Blaue Frau
Premiere: 10.11.2020
Aktivistinäytelmä (Activist play 3)

Aktivistinäytelmä (Activist play 3)

Activist play 3 tells the stories of a group of 1960s revolutionaries and activists called to action by World War 2 war crimes and Cold War imperialism and arms racing. They were women, mothers, writers, journalists, politicians and teachers, whose influence on our civil rights and environmental movements continues to be felt to this day.

Live stream

23.3. at 19
24.3. at 19
26.3. at 19
27.3. at 19
30.3. at 19
31.3. at 19

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Photo: Heidi Bergström

Director: Helena Kallio
Author: Helena Kallio
Theater: KokoTeatteri
Premiere: 25.09.2020