On Stage in Finland Now!

What’s going on in Finnish theatre at the moment? Here you’ll find a selection of current projects, including a brief introduction and a link to further information on the theatre company’s website.




In Babylon, the titular character Babylon (Minna Puolanto) wants to solve all the core issues regarding power. Her servant Ré (Hanna Seppä) helps her in the process. This partly autobiographical and hilarious performance tackles a variety of situations where power is exercised. The two clowns bring different characters onstage, from Madonna to Ronaldo and Catherine the Great. The power setting between Babylon and Re is also an essential part in addressing the theme.

The performance, directed by Marielle Eklund-Vasama asks us why we – almost always – settle into power structures in regard to each other. Can’t we live in an equal society? It also examines the power structures between genders giving fresh perspectives to issues with gender equality. 

Babylon was The Thing in the Finnish theatre scene in 2018. It received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The show has toured throughout Finland, visiting a number of the country’s most notable theatres, and it was also selected for the lineups of the most important theatre festivals in the country, for example, the Tampere Theatre Festival.

Age recommendation: For Adults and young people 13 and up 

OBS! Babylon is performed in English also on 13th and 14th of May in Fin Fringe Festival in Turku.

Photo:Mark Sergeev.

Director: Marielle Eklund-Vasama
Theater: Red Nose Company
Premiere: 27.05.2022


BIASED is an interactive performance inviting us to explore mind tricks and unconscious factors guiding our everyday actions.

The performance tackles cognitive biases. People believe they mostly act rationally and sensibly. And yet, systematic mistakes impact on our thinking far more than we realise. These universally shared thought shortcuts are termed cognitive biases. The best-known one is the confirmation bias which causes us to direct most of our attention to whatever confirms our previously held beliefs.

The audience will choose a side, and simultaneously observe their own thoughts as they are gently guided along. The lobby bar is open before and after the performance, with Fred Nevché spinning the decks.

BIASED is the culmination of a collaboration involving five artists. Matija Kezele from Croatia, Fred Nevché from France and Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver KochtaKalleinen and Ami Karvonen from Finland created the work as a part of Espoo City Theatre’s contribution to Centriphery project. In the spring of 2022, the working group was joined by actors Niina Sillanpää and Yasmin Ahsanullah

Director: Työryhmä
Dramaturge: Työryhmä
Theater: Espoon Kaupunginteatteri
Premiere: 12.05.2022
La Familia

La Familia

In the documentary multi-art work of Porttiteatteri and Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin, the personal experiences of the performers appear on the stage as multifaceted and unapologetic. Flamenco – which in the work is above all synonymous with a passionate attitude and looking at life eye to eye – pulsates around everything. Top Spanish musicians, guitarist Juan Antonio Suárez Cano and singer Victor Carrasco carry the work forward along with violinist Sanna Salmenkallio and musician-composer Roni Martin

Porttiteatteri is a community theatre for prisoners in the process of being released and released founded in 2015, and a community of professional artists and performers with a criminal background that is unique in Finland. The theatre implements exceptional and new kind of theatre in co-operation with theatres in Helsinki. www.porttiteatteri.fi

Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin is an international group of artists in whose works Finnish contemporary art meets the Andalusian tradition – on the terms of the former. The group's works are characterized by roughness, beauty and carnival of movement and music. www.compania.fi

9.–12.5.2022 at 5pm and 7pm, Tanssin talo / Pannuhalli

Total duration 50 min (no break)

Photo: Nauska

Author: Tuija Minkkinen
Dramaturge: Atro Kahiluoto
Theater: Porttiteatteri
Premiere: 09.05.2022
With Charles Bukowski in The Bar

With Charles Bukowski in The Bar

An audio performance for one spectator with headphones

Old Bukowski recalls how it all began: poverty and rented apartments, auxiliary work and loose women, love and sex, loneliness and madness on the verge of suicide. He reflects on creativity, on writing that has always been a priority, on his unique path in literature, on personal battles that he fought all his life.
You walk down the Fleminginkatu street. Enter the Pulmu bar. Sit down at the bar. The bartender hands you over headphones and a beer. You stay one-on-one with the life story and poetry of Charles Bukowski.

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Director: Semion Aleksandrovsky
Theater: sadsongskomplex:fi
Premiere: 25.04.2022
Punch up! – Resistance and Glitter

Punch up! – Resistance and Glitter

Punch Up! is a fierce variety show filled with the best in drag, stand-up comedy, and burlesque. Every show is a uniquely curated glittery dream filled with acts that are hilarious, sexy, thought-provoking, gender-twisting, binary-busting, and thoroughly unforgettable. Short performances dig deep into emotional landscapes that are simultaneously universal and very particular: anxiety, joy, hope, or love – while the audience gives back energy in a deliciously vicious, sexy cycle*.

Created in 2018 by stand-up comedian and monologuist Juuso Kekkonen, stand-up comedian and performance artist James Lórien MacDonald, and queer drag artist and producer Mira Eskelinen, Punch Up! has become a show like no other. Bringing together the most dazzling performers in drag, burlesque, and stand-up comedy, Punch Up! shines a light on the talent and passion to be found in these undervalued art forms.

The heart and soul behind the glamour is what makes the show work everywhere from the most darkly-lit corners of unsavoury bars to Finland’s National Theatre Main stage, and we want you here for this treat that will leave you feeling shook up, turned on, raw, and definitely alive.


la 21.5. klo 20 Riihimäen teatteri, Riihimäki
su 22.5. klo 15 & 18 Teatteri Telakka, Tampere
pe 15.7. klo 21 ArtTeatro, Kustavi (Volter Kilpi Kustavissa -kirjallisuusviikon ohjelmaa) 
su 16.10. klo 18 Vallilan Kansallisteatteri, Helsinki
su 6.11. klo 18 Vallilan Kansallisteatteri, Helsinki

Theater: The Finnish National Theatre
Premiere: 11.03.2022
ROCKY! Return of the Loser

ROCKY! Return of the Loser

They fear the most who have the most to lose.

We all love an underdog story. We want to be on the side of the weak. We want to see the beaten rise up and fight back. We want to see the loser win. But only when the loser represent what we stand for – the good. 

The monologue performance ROCKY! Return of the Loser is about the changes of power relations in modern Europe. The mocked right-wing populists are shifting the political balance with their furious progress, which puts the cultural left in an uncomfortable position.

Will the former losers be the new rulers, and those in power become the new losers?

ROCKY! Return of the Loser is written by Tue Biering, one of Denmark’s foremost directors. Theatre Viirus are putting on a new version of Bierings concept.

Age recommendation 16 years, the performance includes theatre blood and scenes that might shock

Photo: Ernest Protasiewicz

Director: Jussi Sorjanen
Author: Tue Biering
Theater: Viirus
Premiere: 25.09.2021


A new play written and directed by Juha Jokela will see its premiere this autumn. Docents is a keen study of the power-play at work in a university environment. In this sharp psychological drama, Jokela scrutinizes the state of present-day academia and its capacity to pursue scientific independence in a climate of political tension and economic downturn.

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Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Director: Juha Jokela
Author: Juha Jokela
Theater: The Finnish National Theatre
Premiere: 13.09.2021
Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins flies once more over the rooftops of London, but we will experience it all inside our beautiful theatre, in a magical, colourful, imaginative world. Svenska Teatern proudly presents a musical with tremendously beautiful costumes and a set rich in detail, never before seen on our stage. Mary Poppins, one of Svenska Teatern’s biggest musical undertakings, is an enchanting story with unforgettable songs and dazzling dance acts that has charmed the whole world.

Mary Poppins is directed by Markku Nenonen, who has been trusted with the important task of creating a very own version of the original production.

Back on the repertoire 1.3.2022 (the premier was 3.10.2020)
Duration approx. 3 h, with intermission

The musical is performed in Swedish. English surtitles available.

Director: Markku Nenonen
Author: Julian Fellowes (P.L. Travers)
Theater: Swedish Theatre
Premiere: 03.10.2020