Open Call for Journalistic Residencies / Centriphery, Espoo Finland

Deadline for applications: April 3, 2022

We invite national, regional and international journalists to visit the Centriphery project, implemented in Espoo, Finland as part of the Centiphery 2022 program.

We believe that journalists and critics are central agents of culture and the arts, their work is crucial, from an informational point of view, as well as in the development of knowledge around the arts and in the mediation with different audiences, favoring the sustainability of the practices and of the artistic community.

Who can apply?

International cultural journalists, art writers and critics, bloggers, working for online or offline magazines, newspapers, radio, television or other types of media.

What do we offer?

Press trip program for two selected journalists/critics to be scheduled between 17-20 May, 2022 (maximum 3 nights and 4 days trip)

  • Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs during the residency
  • Full access to all Centriphery activities during the trip
  • Support by the Espoo City Theatre team for in site guidance and visits to the project’s activities, workshops, documentation and interviews scheduling

What do we ask for?

  • Curiosity and interest in cultural topics.
  • Availability to travel to Espoo, Finland.
  • Publication of at least one longer article / post / video / interview about the Centriphery project and up to four posts/shorter articles. A contribution to a planned publication is very welcome.

How to apply?

Please send an e-mail to julia.pajunen@espoonteatteri.fi with your application written in Finnish or English, that must include the following information:

  • Short description of the work proposal (one or two paragraphs will do)
  • Special needs, if applicable, to do the work, such as interviews with artists, partners, sites you need to visit and additional documentation;
  • The name, type and URL of the media you work for or collaborate with for this feature
  • Two texts, articles or other works already published
  • Name, phone number, address, and e-mail;
  • Desirable dates for travel (between 17-20 May, 2022)
  • Estimated date for publications of the proposed work or article.

The official program will be announced very soon. We are really looking forward for your applications!

About Centriphery

More info about what Centriphery is about  https://www.centriphery.eu

Because each periphery has its own center, Centriphery gives citizens of a so-called “periphery” a central voice in exploring and transforming local narratives and myths and encourages them to participate in recreating local identities and European narratives. Led by Festival der Regionen (Austria), the project gathers 8 partners: New Culture Foundation (Bulgaria), Dansehallerne (Denmark), Espoo City Theatre (Finlanda), La Manufacture Collectif Contemporain (France), Cultura Nova Festival (Netherlands), Walk & Talk (Azores, Portugalia) and Asociația Prin Banat (Romania). Centriphery is co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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