Our mission

As an expert in the performing arts, TINFO produces theatre statistics, conducts reports, and processes and analyses data. Our mentoring helps theatre professionals increase their international mobility and find partners. TINFO’s activities increase awareness of Finnish plays and performing arts.  


Leads the way, builds international awareness and creates opportunities 

Produces theatre statistics – key data on the performing arts sector 

Provides and analyses information 

Offers open digital databases and other services 

Connects people, communities, drama and performances in Finland with the rest of the world and supports the initiatives which enhance artists’ mobility:

  • MOTI internationalization and mobility program for Finnish theatre groups till 2021-22 (supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation)
  • TAKO project means co-productions and other cooperation between Finnish and Russian theatre artists (supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture)   
  • LUO project is matchmaking Finnish drama and performance artists and foreign production platforms and agencies (supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture) 

Networks worldwide:  

  • International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM)

  • On-The-Move mobility network

  • New Nordic Network of Performing Arts 

TINFO – Theatre Info Finland is the Finnish Centre of ITI – International Theatre Institute.

Want to know more about our activities and briefly facts on theatre and performance art in Finland? Have a look on the video below, you can choose English subtitles.


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