Esittävän taiteen tuottajille, agenteille ja managereille:

PAMPA network & Europe-wide survey for producers

PAMPA is a new Europe-wide network for producers, agents, and managers in the performing arts.

As the PAMPA network is being built, colleagues from across the European continent are invited to fill in a survey to communicate their professional situations, current needs, and recommendations for the network.

The survey intends to create a mapping of the PAMPA profession in Europe.
It will also help the network to further strengthen its basis and to work towards a legal status.

New deadline! Please fill in the survey by 31 October 2022SURVEY
Your answers will be kept anonymous.

The network aims at reaching 250 participants from as many European countries as possible! So please invite your colleagues based in Europe to participate in the survey as well!

The design and implementation of the survey is a collaboration with On the Move and is supported by the German Dance Association`s project Kreativ-Transfer.

More about PAMPA here.

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