Studio Total

Popping the bubble


At Studio Total, the creative team has rethought everything from artistic direction to production models and even their own attitudes to theatre.

Studio Total is a theatre, but also much more. It is an artistic duo that calls artists to collaborate.
The independent Finnish theatre group Jalostamo² reshapes itself into a new format and changes its name to Studio Total. The group focuses on working internationally with artists on creating collaborative works.
International artistic collaboration has been the at the center of the work of artistic leaders Anna Lipponen and Petri Tuhkanen. Although Studio Total is based in Helsinki, as a theatre it is everywhere, where its performances are created.
Studio Total is not a new theatre but a new chapter in the group's artistic development where we take a stand in a new productional context. These globally particular times enable us to transform the new normal truly into a new chapter and new attitude that accentuate our existing ambitious artistic direction.
The artistic goal of Studio Total is to break boundaries, shatter glass ceilings, pop the bubble. Each artistic process determines a new boundary to break – not by violence but determination. The boundaries can be artistic, practical, utopian, or embedded in the production process. It means leaving our comfort zone – to aspire towards something new.
Total Passion, Total Theatre, Total Art

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