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Power, Responsibility and Equal Treatment

Power, Responsibility and Equal Treatment – a survey on the achievement of equality and equal treatment in the field of performing arts.

The survey is now closed. The results will be available during the spring 2019. Thank You for joining the survey!

In the following, we describe the issues we are examining through the survey:

  • Is everyone treated equally and fairly, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, native language, appearance, background or other personal characteristic?
  • What kind of discrimination, harassment, bullying, inappropriate behaviour, scornful or dismissive treatment by colleagues or management people encounter and to what extent?
  • How often do people face gender or other stereotyping – all kinds of conventionalised assumptions? 
  • Am I personally treating people in an equal and fair manner, are my colleagues doing so, or my supervisor/manager?  How do I act in situations where equality or equal treatment is violated against? Do I intervene, ignore the situation or keep quiet?

With this survey, we examine the current state of equality and equal treatment prevailing in the field of performing arts. To be able to eliminate inequalities and distortions, we need information on how equality and equal treatment of people working in different positions and work tasks are implemented in the field of theatre, dance and circus in the everyday situations and practices at work.  

Equality and equal treatment are everyone's business

We are not conducting this survey just to have another survey made. We will write a publication about it and highlight its results in seminars, debates and writings. Together, we will generate suggestions and proposals for action by which to build more equal and equitable working life. We will monitor the effectiveness of the actions taken. 

Promotion of equality and equal treatment is a continuous process, requiring (self-)criticism, alertness and being awake.

The partners doing the survey with Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) include Centralförbundet för Finlands Svenska Teaterorganisationer (CEFISTO), Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme), the Finnish Actors Union, the Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild, the Theatre Centre, the Association of Finnish Theatres (STEFI), Globe Art Point, Dance Info Finland and Circus Info Finland.

If you have any questions concerning the survey, please contact:

TINFO / Research and Administrative Coordinator Mikko Karvinen, mikko(a) or                                
TINFO / Director Hanna Helavuori, hanna(a)

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