Seminar Building Bridges: the concrete action for interculturalism and inclusion in Finnish theatre

Place: Arts Promotion Center, Hakaniemenranta 6 / online

Time: 15.10.2021 from 10.00 to 15.30

New Theatre Helsinki (NTH) is a performing arts initiative promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the field of performing arts. NTH aims to bring value to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Finnish performing arts field and to work as a bridge between the audience members and arts professionals of different backgrounds as well as already existing cultural institutions. The initiative┬┤s long-term goal is to create a new performance venue in Helsinki that makes the culturally and linguistically diverse performing arts a visible part of Helsinki city┬┤s performing arts scene and through networks in the whole Finland and in other Nordic countries.

 The seminar Building bridges: the concrete action for interculturalism and inclusion in Finnish theatre will discuss how interculturalism and inclusion could be promoted by the activities of the existing theatres, different funders and by the initiatives of the gatekeepers of the field.

The morning part of the seminar will bring together the professionals of the performing arts field to discuss how to promote a dialogue between Finnish theatres, the artists, other professionals and the audiences outside the existing theatre field and what else could be done  to support diversity in  the organisational culture. 

The second part of the seminar will delve into the structures of the field and discuss what tools and actions are needed in order to create a new intercultural and sustainable theater house.  The seminar consists of speeches and roundtable discussions. A more detailed program can be found here: https://www.newtheatrehelsinki.com/pop-up-2021

The seminar is a continuation for the Seminar on Art, Culture and a Diverse Finland organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the part of the New Theatre Helsinki pop up in Vuotalo between 28.10.-28.11.2021.

Language: first part of the seminar is held in finnish, the second part in english

Free of charge.

Registration is open until 12 October 2021


The seminar is organised by New Theatre Helsinki.

More information: Anita Parri +358 44 988 3021 or newtheatrehelsinki@gmail.com

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