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Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe visiting St. Petersburg

Lappeenranta City Theatre is the first Finnish theatre visiting the Dostoyevsky Museum’s venue in April 2015. The monologue is written by Kristian Smeds and based on F.M. Dostoyevsky’s classic Crime and Punishment.

The point of view is that of Sonja, a woman forced into prostitution by circumstance. The touching love story portrays the harsh realities of Europe at a time when property and happiness have been redistributed. It is a story of Europe where young men plan and also do extreme and desperate deeds.

Performances: Friday 3.4.2015 at 19.00 & Saturday 4.4.2015 at 19.00
Dostoyevsky Museum’s venue, Kuznechny pereulok, 5/2, Metro: Dostoyevskaya
Performed by Liisa Sofia Pöntinen, directed by Jari Juutinen

Surtitles in Russian. Duration 1 h 40 min. Ticket info comes later.

Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe visiting St. Petersburg is part of the Finnish–Russian theatre project SAVOTTA–ZAVOD coordinated by Theatre Info Finland (TINFO). Lappeenranta City Theatre in co-operation with the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg.

Photos: http://www.lappeenrannanteatteri.fi/media/Sad-Songs-from-the-Heart-of-Europe.html


Playing the Queen in Tallinn 10-12 Dec 2014

Antti Mikkola’s play Playing the Queen (Kuningatarleikit) will be featured in Tallinn at the Teatrifestival Talveöö unenägu – Midwinter Night’s Dream festival with two performances. The festival is arranged by the Tallinn City Theatre (Linnateater).

Playing the Queen is a play on women who have to give up the woman in them, in one way or another. The rise of politically successful women has interesting features. Women's credibility seems to be questioned far more than men's. Do we look at a woman in a different way when she fails in her task? Do we judge her differently than we would judge a man? Is there anything comical in a woman?

Playing the Queen opened at the Teatteri Telakka theatre in Tampere on 20 April 2012. After that, the performance has been seen at different venues in 2012-2013 in Finland and abroad. The play is written and directed by Antti Mikkola. The actors are Karoliina Kudjoi, Antti Mankonen and Tanjalotta Räikkä.

For additional information, please contact:
Pertti Huovinen
Producer, Teatteri Telakka
tel. +358 44 734 0055 (Mon - Fri 9 a.m.–3 p.m.)
tel. + 358 50 531 9188

Okko Leo’s The Orchestra – The Everlast at the Nordic Spirit festival in Chicago 12 Dec 2014

The Chicago theatre Akvavit has chosen Okko Leo’s play The Orchestra – The Everlast for the program of the Nordic Spirit festival on 12 December 2014. The Orchestra – The Everlast. This study in solidarity is part of the festival program that features readings of five contemporary Nordic plays. The play by Okko Leo opened in 2013 at the KOM theatre and has been translated into English by Kristian London. The performance rights are managed by Agency North Ltd.

Finnish plays have been heard before at the Nordic Spirit event by the Akvavit theatre. After a reading performance of Leea Klemola’s play Kokkola in 2010, the play later made its way into the theatre’s regular program. Additionally, Knives Cut the Air – A Northern Tragedy in Four Persons (Veitset leikkaa) by Jussi Molia has been performed as a reading in Chicago.

The Orchestra – The Everlast and other contemporary Finnish plays are presented in English by the New Plays from Finland service: www.tinfo.fi/newplays

Oblivia: Ka-Boom 12-13 Dec 2014, Munich

Oblivia’s Ka-Boom (pt. 3 of Museum of Postmodern Art) will visit Pathos venue in Munich 12–13 December, 2014. While the first two installments examined the past and the traces of it left in the present, Ka-Boom travels into the future and turns to look at the present day from this new vantage point. What can be done if everything has already happened?

The performance is devised and performed by Timo Fredriksson, Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Anna-Maija Terävä and Annika Tudeer. It is performed in English.



Alexander Theatre Helsinki in Russia for the first time 13 Dec 2014

Alexander Theatre has been invited to perform in Russia. Alexander Theatre's Gala Evening will be shown at the Tyumen Drama Theatre on 13th of December 2014. Event is dedicated to the Year of Culture in Russia.

The audience will get to know interesting facts about the history of the theatre, that is closely connected as to the life of the theatre founders Count and Countess Adlerbergs, as well as to the Russian-Finnish cultural collaboration, the roots of which lies all the way in the 19th century.

There also will be shown variable dance pieces: from the Finnish contemporary ballet to contemporary flamenco, jazz and modern dance. Performed by the highly professional dancers of Finland: Kaisu Hölttä and Auri Ahola  - Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin / Finnish National Ballet; Mikko Lampinen, Riikka Rouhikko, Kati Aalto - Pori Dance Company.

Also Gala Evening will feature the worldwide acknowledged jazz musicians. They will perform ie. jazz standards originally composed by one of the greatest American jazz composers of Russian origin Irving Berlin, who was born in Tyumen city and some Russian tunes as well. 

As Countess Amalie Adlerberg, host of the evening and the soloist of the jazz-band will be seen actress and singer Anastasia Trizna.

Since the times Alexander Theatre was founded in 1880 and till nowadays it does not have a permanent troupe. During it's history the theatre has hosted numerous performances and companies also from Russia. However it will be for the first time that Alexander Theatre will go touring itself.

This project is carried out with the initiative and support of OAO Fortum (part of Fortum's Russia Division) and is dedicated to a Year of Culture in Russia. The tour is supported by the Department of Culture of Tyumen region. The project is also being carried out under the Russian-Finnish Dance Exchange Programme, that was started by Dance Info Finland organization in August 2014 and is actively supported by the Embassy of Finland in Moscow and Finnish Ministry of Culture.

More information:
Anastasia Trizna - anastasia.trizna(a)aleksanterinteatteri.fi
+358 (0) 45 353 1441

To Be Human by Kati Kaartinen opens in Estonia 31 Jan 2015

Kati Kaartinen’s play To Be Human (Toisen ääni) will have its premiere at the Estonia Ugala theatre on 31 January 2015. The piece has been translated by Ülev Aaloe and is entitled Amalia in Estonian. The translation work has been supported by a grant from TINFO.

For more information on the production, see the theatre’s home pages:
http://www.ugala.ee/index.php/repertuaar/lavastused/amalia-kati-kaartinen (in Estonian)

The performance rights are managed by Agency North.

“Theatre is human currency” – Theatre director Raija-Sinikka Rantala awarded honorary membership of ITI

Theatre director Raija-Sinikka Rantala has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the International Theatre Institute. Rantala was a member of the board if ITI from 1996 to 2009 and held the position of Artistic Director from 2006 to 2008. From 1996 to 2009 she was Chairman of the Board of Theatre Info Finland (TINFO). 

“At the theatre, when we create art out of life and people, it gives us the chance to at least understand others, even if we do not always approve of everything they do. Increasing mutual understanding is human currency to all of us who belong to this race,” says Raija-Sinikka Rantala.

Raija-Sinikka Rantala is a Finnish theatre director and writer who, in addition to Finnish productions, has worked on a number of international projects. Rantala has led continuing education courses in social intervention theatre in Burkina Faso, trained women directors in the Ivory Coast and given lectures in Congo and Cameroon. Rantala also notes the significant role that ITI has had in the fight for human rights and the freedom of expression of artists.

Q-teatteri's Y-generation on stage: Kaspar Hauser once again

“The dualism of modern man is acutely expressed on every level, within every fibre of the production’s being, through every single cringe-inducing banality. (...) The entire performance is dense with meaning, a never ending crisis, an endless loop,” wrote theatre critic Maria Säkö (Helsingin Sanomat) last February after Q-teatteri's premiere of Kaspar Hauser.

Many spectators and theatre people think it was a visual and metaphorical cross-generational revolution of the Finnish theatre scene.

That's why there will be six extra performances on the Finnish National Theatre's main stage:
3.1., 5.1., 7.1., 8.1., 9.1. at 19.00, plus 6.1. at 15.00. All the performances are sold out, but there are some tickets booked for foreign colleagues to take a look at what is happening in Finnish theatre right now: jukka.hytti(a)tinfo.fi, only until 18 December! The performance is in Finnish.

What's On Stage Now in Finland

What's On Stage in Finland NOW ... a selection made by TINFO

Plays from Finland – Latest Translations

The latest translations of Finnish plays supported by TINFO Grant.

Finnish Theatre Statistics

The statistics by Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) include all the regularly operating professional theatres, which employ full-time professional staf throughout the year and have regular performance activities. The statistics 2013 cover 47 drama theatres, 11 dance companies and the National Opera. The statistics include 

  • Income and expenditure statistics
  • Personnell statistics
  • Performance and spectator statistics
  • Statistics on theatres outside the financing law
  • Dance performance and audience statistics
  • Repertory statistics

English Summary of Theatre Statistics 2013


Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences 19-24 Jan 2015

Finland's oldest and still one of the largest theatre festivals in Europe for children and young people is organised annually in the city of Oulu.The Festival is meant for professional theatre makers and presents annually 20–30 different shows for young audiences.

The 34. Festival programme includes professional performances ie. from Norway and Spain and all over Finland. Shows vary from visual non-verbal performances to puppet theatre, dance and traditional drama.



Call for Proposals: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 2015 | deadline 16 Dec 2014

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space in Kuopio, Finland. ANTI presents live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today’s most exciting and innovative artists. A truly international festival and Finland’s foremost presenter of Live Art, ANTI is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes the spaces of everyday life.

The proposal process
All proposals must be sent using this electronic form and written in English. The form allows a link to be made to online documentation of previous work and for applicants to attach a CV and max three supporting images. Proposals that do not strictly conform to these guidelines will not be considered.

The proposal deadline is 16.12.2014

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival 1 - 6 September 2015
Kuopio, Finland

Visit www.antifestival.com for further information or: info(a)antifestival.com

University of the Arts Helsinki admissions 2015 – Auditions for Master's Degree Programmes

University of the Arts Helsinki represents the recent consolidation of three separate degree granting academies: Theatre Academy, Academy of Fine Arts and Sibelius Academy. This new synergy of artistic fields in one university greatly expands study opportunities for our students. Annually the University has 300 performances, concerts, and exhibitions. The university is situated in Helsinki, a culturally vibrant, human-scale city with several major international universities and easy connections to the rest of Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and the world.
The Theatre Academy provides tuition-free degree programmes, facilities, and research opportunities at a professional level in the performing arts.

In spring 2015, the Theatre Academy will hold international auditions for three programmes:
Master's Degree Programme in Choreography
Master's Degree Programme in Dance
Master's Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies.

Application period to the aforementioned programmes is 7 January–27 January.
For more information on the admissions, please go to www.uniarts.fi/en/admissions



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“I often set things in ‘wrong’ proportion to each other. This is what is surprising. I also try to say aloud things that are often kept hidden, that people are ashamed of. For example, “I wish I’d come across a grief like yours. When people break up, they lose weight.”

Minna Nurmelin, a playwright, on the humour in her plays



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