TINFO GRANT for translations

Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) awards grants for translations of Finnish plays. TINFO Grant is available even for the translation of subtitles.

Grant decisions are made four times a year. Deadline for the next round is by the 27th of November 2022.

TINFO Grant total amount for the year 2022 is 22 000 euro.

Grants for published works or anthologies can be applied for from FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange.

Have a look at a selection of new plays: New Plays from Finland.

Who can apply for a TINFO translation grant?

Playwrights, drama agencies, theatres, festivals or translators may apply for a grant. The grant will be paid directly to the translator.


In the evaluation we emphasize following factors: the international production of the play, the translation as part of a grand project and the status of the performing theatre or festival in the target country. The international potential of the play will also be evaluated.

The TINFO translation grant is intended to support younger playwrights as well as translation of Finnish plays which have not been translated to any other languages.

The translator of a play supported by a TINFO grant must be a native speaker of the target language. The translator should also be with experience of drama translations. Translations made by non-native speakers of the language in question may be accepted if there are sufficient grounds to support the decision.

The TINFO grant is meant for the high-quality, artistic translation of a drama text / play. The TINFO grant can even be awarded for the translation of subtitles. When applying the grant for the tranlation of subtitles, it must be mentioned in the application.

Application instructions

  • Fill out the online application form and click Submit
  • Send all required attachments by e-mail to: haku(a)tinfo.fi
  • Inquiries can be sent to: tinfo(a)tinfo.fi

Remember to fill in the final field with the e-mail address(es) to which you would like sent a copy of the application you filled out.

Application form

Original title

Original title:



Supporting information. Please fill in here all important facts. Production contract, declaration of intent or other verification of buyer´s commitment should be sent by e-mail:

The translation is a part of a grand project, please describe the project (more information can be given in an attachment by e-mail):


Title of the translation:


Translation will be ready (approx., month/year):

The translation has the author´s approval:


Arguments for choosing the translator (if necessary):



Postal code:







Translation grant

Translator´s fee (total, euros):

Translation grant from TINFO (euros):

Translation grants have been requested from other sources:

The translation has received funding from other sources:


Copyright owner of the original play:

Copyright owner of the upcoming translation:

Banking information of the translator (either in Finland or outside Finland)

Finnish bank

Name of the bank:

Name of the account holder:

Account number, IBAN:


Bank outside Finland

Name of the bank:


Postal code:



Name of the account holder:

Account number, IBAN:


Contact person

Contact person for this application (name, e-mail, telephone number):


Please, send all the attachments by e-mail to haku@tinfo.fi

  • Attachment 1. Original work (COMPULSORY)
  • Attachment 2. The approval of the author or the agent (COMPULSORY)
  • Attachment 3. Production contract / Declaration of intent (in original language)
  • Attachment 4. Description of the project where translation is a part of
  • Attachment 5. Information of performing theatre or festival
  • Attachment 6. Translator's CV (COMPULSORY)

Please, indicate here which attachments will be included:

E-mail addresses to which a copy of the application will be sent.
If you give more than one address, separate each address with a comma.

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