The 2023 Uniarts Helsinki’s Re­search Pavil­ion seeks to de­velop col­lab­o­ra­tive processes within the arts


The fifth Uniarts Research Pavilion involves residency periods for artists and artist-researchers during the spring 2023, and culminates in a public event at the Augusta Gallery in Suomenlinna as well as at the Helsinki Music Centre between 5 and 25 June 2023. The application period for the artist residencies will open in the autumn 2023.

Founded in 2015, the Uniarts Helsinki Research Pavilion is an international and cross-institutional platform for processes, discussions, and collaborations in the field of artistic research. The tagline for the Research Pavilion #5 is “Puzzled Together”, framed by the current global challenges: the ecological sustainability crisis, post-pandemic reconstruction and geopolitical tensions.   

“Puzzled Together conveys the idea of the entanglement of the arts with the current multitude of overwhelming challenges, as well as the crucial need for social and experiential pluralism that may provide a balancing element. Artistic thinking is intrinsically characterised by pluralism and the capacity to create connections, giving art and artistic research a substantial potential for making a stand within the current situation,” says Mika Elo, professor of artistic research at Uniarts Helsinki.  

The Research Pavilion #5 seeks to identify and reinforce underexposed areas of artistic research through collaborative processes and develop the ideas and agencies that emerge from therein.  

Residency programme for artists and artist-researchers  

Research Pavilion #5 will involve residencies for artist and artist-researchers during the spring 2023, as well as a public event in June 2023 at the Augusta Gallery and at the Helsinki Music Centre.  

The Research Pavilion #5 residency programme partners are HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, as well as The Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation. The artist residencies will take place at Suomenlinna (HIAP), Kallio-Kuninkala (Uniarts), and Saaren kartano. The residencies will constitute laboratories and collaborative platforms for art and artistic research.  

The application period for the residencies will open during the autumn 2022. All artists and artist-researchers are eligible to apply, regardless of their institutional or freelance status. The fruits of the residency periods can be made public at the public event in June 2023 at the Augusta Gallery and at the Helsinki Music Centre.  

“Through our collaboration with the artist residencies, we wish to emphasize the continuum between experimental artistic practice and artistic research, as well as create spaces and opportunities for pluralistic research-oriented work within the arts. Also, the importance of regional and sustained collaborative settings is heightened by the current density of transnational challenges”, state the professors of artistic research Leena Rouhiainen and Otso Lähdeoja from the Research Pavilion #5 planning team.  

Background of the Uniarts Research Pavilion  

The Research Pavilion is an ongoing biennial project coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki, which aims to connect the field of artistic research with major events of contemporary art. The Research Pavilion has been organised during the Venice Biennale in 2015, 2017, and 2019. From the summer 2021 onwards, the Research Pavilion has been organised in Helsinki.   

Photo: The second Research Pavilion opening event took place 10 May 2017 in Venice.

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