Theatre Education

Art Universities

Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki

Founded in 1979 , Theatre Academy provides the highest education in theatre and dance in Finland, training actors (in Finnish and Swedish), directors, dramaturges, lighting and sound designers, professionals in dance (choreographers and dancers), performance artists, dance and theatre pedagogues.

University of Tampere, Degree programme in Theatre Arts

The University of Tampere, in addition to the Theatre academy, provides theatre education of the highest level in Finland. The studies follow the new structure of 3+2 years. The Bachelor’s degree, common to all, is completed in three years, followed by the Master’s studies of two years duration, based on the students’ own choices. It is possible to complete two university degrees in five years. Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre

Aalto University School of Art and Design

The Aalto University School of Art and Design is dedicated to media,art and design and has a strong and active international presence.It is a Nordic leader and one of the most renowed in its fields worldwide.Founded in 1871, the School is a pioneer in research and education.

Academic drama research

Academic drama research education is available in these universities.

University of Helsinki

Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies

University of Tampere

School of Communication, Media and Theatre
The School of Communication, Media and Theatre includes the disciplines of Journalism and Mass Communication, Theatre Arts, Speech Communication, and Theatre and Drama Research.

University of Turku

Faculty of Humanities: School of History, Culture and Arts Studies

Universities of Applied Sciences (Polytechnics)

Other training and courses

Folk high schools and other schools that offer preparing studies for further professional studies

  • Haapaveden Opisto
  • Jamilahden kansanopisto
  • Jyväskylän kristillinen opisto
  • Lahden kansanopisto
  • Länsi-Suomen opisto
  • Oriveden opisto
  • Suomen Teatteriopisto
  • Svefi
  • Työväen akatemia
  • Varsinais-Suomen kansanopisto
  • Västra Nylands Folkhögskola
  • Pohjois-Karjalan Opisto

Theatre schools around the world

Theatre schools in Europe and around the world:

Theatre schools in Canada:

Theatre schools in Russia:


Information on studying in Finland and abroad

CIMO Centre for International Mobility,

Information on studies, training, exchange in Finland: Study in Finland is a web site dedicated to international mobility opportunities and information in theatre, dance, music and other contemporary performing arts disciplines. It is intended for artists and performing arts professionals from Europe and beyond.