Theatre Statistics

Theatre statistics have been collected in Finland over 50 years. The first statistics were published in the annual report of the Central Association of Finnish Theatre Organisations in 1944. A book on theatre statistics has been published every year since 1985. As from 1995 the book is published by Theatre Info Finland (TINFO).

The statistics include all the regularly operating professional theatres, which employ full-time professional staf throughout the year and have regular performance activities. The statistics 2013 cover 47 drama theatres, 11 dance companies and the National Opera.

The statistics include:

  • Income and expenditure statistics
  • Personnell statistics
  • Performance and spectator statistics
  • Statistics on theatres outside the financing law
  • Dance performance and audience statistics
  • Repertory statistics

TINFO publishes annually a book on Finnish theatre statistics. The book is published in Finnish language with an English summary. All tables have subtitles in English.

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