Toolkit for Theatre Production and Mobility

This website gives theatre professionals practical advice on producing a stage play and taking a show on the road. The toolkit includes budget examples, sample contracts, tips for distribution of duties and other essential production tools. Main target groups: production managers, producers, directors.

Case: Theatre Group W (TGW), run by a non-profit cultural organization, exempted from paying the value-added tax (VAT). TGW starts to produce a stage production and they want to tour with it after the domestic run of the show. Where and how will TGW find the resources (people, time, spaces, funding, etc.) to put together a stage production? Where to perform and how to expand the performance season? How to plan and manage a tour or a guest performance abroad?


STAGE #1: Production Plan – The Five Ws
STAGE #2: Budget – Production Manager’s Main Tool
STAGE #3: Agreements, Contract and Copyright – Worth Getting It Crystal Clear
STAGE #4: Communication, Publicity Management, Marketing – What’s the Difference?
STAGE #5: Guest Performances and Touring – Longer Life for a Production


TINFO – Theatre Info Finland
Toolkit written by: Jukka Hyde Hytti - feedback: jukka.hyde.hytti[at]
Translation into English: Sarka Hantula