3D - Dirty, DIfficult and Dangerous

Theatre: Puppet Theatre Centre Buoy (Nukketeatterikeskus Poiju)
Premiere: 2010
3D - Dirty, DIfficult and Dangerous

Rex de Chef is a popular celebrity chef who is in his element in the kitchen: he serves cross-kitchen food in a way never seen before. Chef conjures up top-notch Tantrawok, traditional Hungarian dish “Pörköltti”, and Royal kidney pie by using only high quality ingredients – but where does he get them?

When the studio lights are dimmed, real people's destinies intertwine behind the scenes and many hungry mouths are fed at the Chef's table.

3D is a black comedy about our culture of instant gratification. In this play, only a few people are aware of the cost of these new experiences.

3D breaks language barriers and can be followed regardless of language – or cultural background.

Touring information

Running time at full length 60 minutes
Interval No
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3,5 m/ 8m/ 8m
No. of people on tour 3
No. of performers 2
Used language Mixed English, Italian, German, Russian and gibberish Chinese
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language No
English synopsis Yes
Touring season Any in well advanced booking
Availability for workshop and educational work Acting with human sized puppets by Satu Paavola

Key personnel

Directed by Neville Tranter (NL)
Performers Satu Paavola and Martti Suosalo
Lighting design Esa Näykki
Sound design Juha Jaakkola
Stage design Satu Paavola
Other credits Puppets by Satu Paavola

Contact information

Contact Satu Paavola
Position Actress and a founding member of Puppet Theatre Centre Buoy
Telephone +358-40-5243939
Email satu.paavola@nukketeatterikeskus.fi
Links www.nukketeatterikeskus.fi

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